Obama, WWIII Dreams and Premonitions – I am very Concerned

I can’t stand soothsayers and fear-mongers. The world is full of them. I am writing this article reluctantly, but only because I am very concerned.

So basically, the globalists are devastated that Donald Trump actually got in, because all their rigging, tampering, propaganda and social engineering didn’t work. I can genuinely say that I am surprised, because I had lot less faith in “the system”. I thought it was “TOTALLY” rigged; but I guess not. I am pleasantly surprised.

The globalists have instructed their libtard, state run, media to promote a recount of the votes, but Hillary lost (again). She is the first woman in US history to lose an election twice; which is actually a good thing, because it leaves the position open to a woman who actually DESERVES to be the first woman President; but I digress.

So, exploring their options, the globalists now have their shill media regurgitating anti Russia sentiments, saying that Russia hacked the election (what a load of rubbish). Russian diplomats are being murdered, planes are being shot down and diplomats are now being sent home. Things are getting real serious, real quick.

Obama, the socialist, NWO henchman, and Soros front man is doing his best to set the stage for war with Russia, along with the lying, fake news, socialist, leftist, liberal media. It’s a hard sell for Obama though, because there’s FINALLY enough people awake, so we can see through the evil plans of provocation and false flags.

So, what’s going to happen now? I hope I am wrong, but I sincerely believe we’re the closest to WWIII that we have ever been since the end of WWII. I am literally going to be sweating until January 20th, waking up every morning wondering: “Is this the day of sudden destruction?”. I’m not joking. I am that concerned.

See, the globalists cannot let Trump be inaugurated. Don’t forget the Patriot Act that George Bush signed. Obama could still use that to assume dictatorial powers (martial law). All they need is a war. This is what concerns me. I really believe that the globalists feel they’re cornered, and they’re going to take drastic measures in an effort retain control. If they can’t drive the ship, they’ll sink it in hopes they can repair the leak once they’re back behind the wheel! They know full well there’s no time left for anyone but themselves to be running the White House, so that the United States can be deconstructed, dismantled and undermined from the inside out — which is what Obama has been helping to do for 8 years.

George Soros is like a spoiled brat. He’s a psychopathic, deranged, “Dr Strangelove”, sociopath criminal who will stop and nothing to keep his toy: “Earth”; and all his psycho buddies of the CFR, Bilderberg, Rockefeller’s, Rothcjiled’s etc.

I had Dreams of WWIII – I think it’s at the Door

I had dreams of nuclear explosions in the US and central Asia about 20 years ago. After those nukes went off, there were agents of evil, dressed in black (completely covered face and all), going from door to door. Some people were being killed on the spot, some were being taken away and some were left alone.

There were attack helicopters literally firing on people in suburbia. There were fires, looting, riots; total anarchy. I would definitely not say what I am about to say if it were not true (ie: If I were just making it up), because it would be plain out wrong to make a mockery of the situation — but I dreamed of September 11 in great detail before it happened. It was the same period where I also dreamed about the nukes and “roundups” by military types totally dressed (and covered) in black. I’ve been waiting for it to happen ever since. I don’t know when it will happen, but I do wholeheartedly believe it WILL happen at some point; along with a lot of other things I’ve “seen”. I saw a lot of camps, people locked up in all sorts of places: factories, skyscrapers made into prisons, fenced off suburbs and other places.

There’s also more to the dreams. I also saw something in the skies. I can’t say I know exactly what it was, but there were a lot of lights. There were also a lot of fighter jets and other military craft filling the skies as well. Something very ominous filled the skies. I’m not going to try to interpret the dreams, or add things that I don’t know. I don’t know if the lights were projections, extra-dimensional, something made on earth (in secret) — but I can say that my gut feeling suspects that the “event” is a mix of all three.

We’re in for some very interesting times. I swear on my heart that I am not making any of this up, or exaggerating. I have had a little bit of a gift of seeing into the future since I was a little kid. It’s not something I can harness or control. It comes and goes, but it is very accurate and always comes to pass, eventually. I’ve tried to block it out for many years, because, well, I thought it was demonic interference.

I am posting this with my name to it, knowing full well I will be ridiculed. However, I really feel led to post it.

The advice I have for everyone is: Get right with God. Resolve fights or arguments with loved ones. Get your house and affairs in order. Don’t take life for granted. We’re on the edge of eternity. Get out of debt.

I can say one more thing about the military in black. I really feel that they’re not fully human. They look human, but they’re either modified, or controlled by extra-dimensional forces, or something. I have dreamed about these military types more than once, and had interactions with them in the “dreams”. They are extremely fast, telepathic, stronger than a normal person and absolutely ruthless.

I pray that every person that reads this will take action to get right with God and get their house in order, in Jesus name. Amen.

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Article written by: Leonard Wass