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Just a little Heads up about PromoterHost. I am adding a new system that will allow people to make money. Here’s how it works:

There are a lot of highly useful and sought after services that people are lining up to subscribe to online such as Online Movie Subscriptions, Video editing Suites, Hosting Services, etc. A lot of these programs have what is called “two tier” affiliate programs; which means that if you join the affiliate program (which is free) and promote it on your facebook page, you get a percentage of the profits, every month. However, if the person you referred also refers someone, you get paid for that too.

So, because I am a modern era genius, I am currently coding some stuff in the members area of PromoterHost so that it lists the best of these programs. You’ll be able to join them for free (assign the referral ID to your PromoterHost username) and add the associated PromoterHost article to your facebook wall. It will appear as though you’re just posting a link to a really cool service — EXCEPT, you’ll get a monthly, residual cut of the profit for anyone that you refer AND anyone that your referrals refer. How cool is that!? Isn’t that a great incentive to promote the articles? Money talks!

PromoterHost isn’t called PromoterHost for nothin’! We’re all gonna be rich! There’s only one problem: Coding all this stuff is kind of difficult, and it takes time. I won’t be able to get this running before the new year, but it will definitely be available before the end of January.

This will be another income stream you’ll be able to benefit from by becoming a member of PromoterHost for $7.00 per month. Additionally, I will have finished the article creation system that all members can profit from by adding advertising (or even using PromoterHosts’s Affiliate System as a form of income). I really wish I already had this stuff running for the new year. It’s not from lack of effort, let me tell you. It’s just easier said than done to program all this stuff into the website. I’m getting there though! PLEASE, stay tuned Subscribe to the PromoterHost online marketing page for more details.

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Article written by: Leonard Wass



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