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Make Income Living in a Van

You need to know how to make an income living in a van, or the whole experience can come to a grinding halt.

For anyone that reaches this article, not knowing much about “van life” — it’s “a thing”. There are people living the van life driving up and down every single highway in the free world. Not only do people like to live in their van, while travelling, exploring the world and creating unforgettable memories, moments and life experiences, but there are hundreds, even thousands of people blogging all about it.

I’ve even done my stint at living in a van. I had an absolute blast. I didn’t blog about it or anything, like professionally, but I did make a few videos. The biggest problem I faced during my van life was income. It was very hard to keep enough money coming in to continue living in a van in any real kind of happiness.

If I knew that you could make money writing, while living in a van, I would definitely have jumped at the opportunity — so I’ve created a video showing people wanting to do the van life where they can go to make an income living in a van.

Make Income Living in a Van Comments

Yeah, if you’re broke, you’re not living the van life, you’re basically a wandering homeless person. – Stevo88

Having money while living in a van is the difference between eating cold beans while shivering, or being able to stop and eat at a nice cafe or restaurant as you pass through towns. – Emily Em

If you don’t have some kind of income supporting you, forget the van life. It’s actually not cheap at all It costs money. – Craig Benson

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Article written by: Leonard Wass