Get Paid $97 to Write Articles

PromoterHost offers a very unique and profitable program for article writers. As a editorial member of PromoterHost, you will earn $97 for every referral you make to the website, as you promote news, memes and videos.

PromoterHost is Accepting Articles by Editorial Members

There are only so many articles (pre-existing on PromoterHost) you will be able to promote, that will be directly associated to your facebook page, blog or website. Therefore, as a PromoterHost member, you will gain access to be able to add your own articles; articles that directly relate to your business. Therefore, when you send referrals to PromoterHost (to the article you wrote), it will be 100% related to the content your audience is already interested in.

There are editorial guidelines to be adhered to, and not all articles will be accepted. PromoterHost reserves the right to publish or un-publish any article at it’s discretion, for any reason. Articles must be professionally written and not contain any grammar errors or affiliate links. You may post one link back to your website or facebook page at the end of the article, and one link within the article, mentioning a product or service. While the articles do not need to be overly lengthy, they must be engaging, captivating and informative. Articles must be original and exclusive to PromoterHost and not copied from anywhere else on the Internet, including your own website or blog. Articles slapped up to get a link back will not be accepted.

The more articles you write, the more content you’ll have to be able to send your readers to and the more links you’ll have back to your own website. The more readers you send to PromoterHost, the higher the chance will be that they’ll see the heavily promoted affiliate program, join, and earn you $97. Remember, until the end of 2018, PromoterHost does not currently take any of the affiliate commissions. 100% of the money goes to the referring member (ie: YOU), via PayPal. At the start of 2019, affiliate commissions will return to 75%.

Additional Benefits: SEO

The links you post back to your website do not have to be a “nofollow” link. Therefore, your link will help you with search engine rankings. There is also a great opportunity to gain organic clicks and visitors/subscribers back to your website as other PromoterHost members promote your article(s). Again, the more articles you write, the more exposure your own website or blog will receive.

Cost to become an Editorial Member

The ability to write articles will incur a one time upgrade fee of $20.00. This price is introductory, as the editorial program is in beta — but will certainly be raised in future, as PromoterHost becomes more popular. The end price to become an editor once the beta stage is over will be $197.

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