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First and foremost, I need to make something perfectly clear. I am am pro-life, pro gun (ie: Pro being able to defend yourself from evil), pro free speech and anti pretty much everything from the left — which I constantly refer to as “establishment brainwashed Borg”. I love the likes of Alex Jones, Mark Dice, Judge Jeanine Pirro and Trump. I am a Christian. Jesus Christ is my Lord, Saviour, Master, King and Best Friend. If you are a lefty, you will probably not want to subscribe to PromoterHost, as this website will surely offend you. There are no refunds on membership. You certainly won’t want to upgrade and become an editorial member, because your articles will very likely not be published. Try Buzzfeed, TYT or CNN for globalist-sponsored propaganda and fake news outlets. Ok, and for everyone else..

What Does PromoterHost Offer?

PromoterHost is an online blog and “real news” advocate, which actively promotes freedom, free speech and free ideas. It is a mostly serious website, but there’s room for a bit of craziness and fun, such as parodies, humorous memes and sometimes even a bit of tongue-in-cheek sarcasm. By becoming a member of PromoterHost you will be helping to expand the reach of these efforts. Additionally, you will gain access to regular articles, updates and newsletters on the latest trending topics.

1). As a member of PromoterHost, you will receive regular content updates via email, with the latest links that you can share, which will allow you to earn money. Note: Members earn more money than non-members.

2). As a PromoterHost regular member you will also gain the ability to upgrade to an editorial member and submit articles to PromoterHost, linking back to your own website, business or blog. This membership level allows you to create and promote articles that are more directly related to your website, business or blog. This is also a fantastic way to establish quality, organic back-links.

3). High quality articles will be featured on the PromoterHost homepage, posted to Facebook, Tweeted and syndicated where possible. At the heart, PromoterHost is all about promoting great ideas, solutions and attitudes that promulgate freedom and a better life for everyone. So it’s not all “business”, per se. If I see a great article, or someone is really going far and beyond to promote great things, those ideas will be promoted by PromoterHost.

Affiliate Program (in Relation to Membership)

In Short, members currently recieve 100% commissions (this will change to 75% on 1st January, 2019). Free members receive 50% commissions for referring new members. However, members have FAR MORE promotion tools than non-members.

All pages on PromoterHost are monetised for members. ie: If you are logged in and share ANY page on PromoterHost on social media — and someone subscribes to PromoterHost because of that link (which has your referral ID attached automatically), you get paid when they subscribe — INSTANTLY, Via PayPal.

The reason I created this system is because I am tired of relying on corporate revenue sharing systems. I’ve had corporate advertising on PromoterHost (and other websites) for years and quite frankly, with ad-blockers, algorithms that stifle the truth, demonetization of YouTube videos (the list goes on), I have reached the realization that PromoterHost is being stifled.

I came to the understanding that PromoterHost would never grow to a point of being able to rival these monopolies unless I designed a new system to monetise the effort. I spent months personally programming the instant payment membership system that PromoterHost uses. I’ve also paid to have the membership plugin modified by the actual developers! It wasn’t easy (as I am just one guy with a small budget), but I got it done!

The globalists are demonetising everyone and everything that is spreading truth (or things that don’t agree with the globalist/corporate elite narrative) on all their social media monopolies. So I personally designed a PROMOTION SYSTEM which allows members participate in. I’ve been an online marketer and web developer for 20 years, so I kind of know what I am doing there. However, this is the first time I am using my skills to direct my attention into TRUTH, knowing that the powers that be will be against me. However, I am a man of principle.

The money that is generated by PromoterHost member referrals goes pretty much exclusively to member (currently 100% so that PromoterHost can grow fast); but PromoterHost STILL gets “subscribers” out of the deal. I truly believe with my heart, that although it’s not exactly profitable for PromoterHost in the short term, it will SUPERCHARGE the subscription rate, which in time (not too long from now), will position PromoterHost as one of the largest TRUTH websites online — completely self-funded, self-sufficient and unplugged from the corporate revenue share monopolies.

I know that people will share PromoterHost videos like crazy, knowing that they’ll be paid for anyone that watches them, and is moved to join PromoterHost. This also gets PromoterHost videos all over the Internet. So a lot of birds are being hit with one stone. I have full confidence that PromoterHost will skyrocket into the Internet stratosphere. I am very optimistic about that. I am also very excited, because I have a lot of other plans that will teach these big-noting globalists a thing or two about “people power”.

The very first page I would like you to promote, once you become a member, is THIS page. Please, promote the living daylights out of it. You’ll get the money for everyone that joins. 100% commission for the rest of 2018. Is this not a great incentive?

Share this page and make $97 per referral.

Dear Guest,

I currently run PromoterHost myself. I built the website entirely myself, from scratch — including designing/programming the membership/affiliate system. However, I can’t continue to do all this myself. I need help. It is extremely time intensive to write the articles, create the commentary, posts, videos and memes. What you see on PromoterHost, currently is an absolutely BETA version. I’d even go as far as to say it’s a draft copy of what’s to come.

I spend countless hours programming, creating graphics, writing content and maintaining the newsletter — to give readers true value. However, I envision a time when PromoterHost will have hundreds of editors and even employed staff. I want to hire people to help me create videos, make memes and write content. I’ll also need a social media manager. I will select this help from upgraded PromoterHost subscribers, according to who I believe is writing the most powerful articles that create the most change. Everything will be in-house. PromoterHost is a family.

I feel that it is my God given duty, as someone who has been fortunate enough, by God’s grace, to rise above establishment programming to work for the good of people in this world, under God, for His glory. I want to help more people to escape the false paradigm that higher powers would have us controlled by. So, for that reason I need to grow PromoterHost as much as possible. I genuinely believe that, together, we can grow this effort into one of the largest “real news” and REAL CHANGE efforts online.


Leonard Wass
PromoterHost Founder
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