• Premium Hosting

    PromoterHost provides premium web hosting with lifetime referral commission opportunities. Subscribe and enjoy top notch, premium web hosting, combined with 50% residual, lifetime commissions for referring new members.

  • Marketing Help

    PromoterHost provides professional inbuilt marketing systems for all affiliates. We wont let let your referrals get away! We work hard to communicate with your referrals, on your behalf, so that you make money from your efforts.

  • Web Traffic

    PromoterHost offers tried and true methods of generating traffic to your referral URL, which can be set up in minutes. As a PromoterHost member, you will have access to the best marketing tools, so you’ll have heaps of traffic!

  • Residual Income

    PromoterHost offers 50% residual, lifetime commissions for all subscribers. Benefit from 365 day cookies and make a residual income, even if your referral purchases 10 months later. PromoterHost is perfect for online marketers and entrepreneurial promoters.

  • Easy Money

    PromoterHost offers a fantastic opportunity to make easy money. By allowing members to join for free and make lifetime, residual commissions – which are doubled after upgrading, PromoterHost is a cinch to promote, even for inexperienced marketers.

  • Free Membership

    PromoterHost subscribers receive 50% residual commissions. Join PromoterHost as a free member and you will get 25% residual commissions. If, at any time, you upgrade to a subscriber, you will begin to receive 50% commission, even for past referrals.

PromoterHost offers first rate, top tier web hosting services and domain names, combined with lifetime, residual referral commissions. Whether you're simply looking for a quality web host, or a way to make lifetime residual income by promoting a quality, high demand product (or both), PromoterHost will be happy to serve you.

Commissions for Free Members

Become a member of PromoterHost for free and receive 25% lifetime, residual commissions. If you upgrade to a subscriber at a later date, your commission rate will be changed to 50%, even for the referrals you made while you were a free member. PromoterHost offers a risk free way to generate an income, with upgrade options available for members who decide they want to make even more money.

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Premium Web Hosting

PromoterHost's flagship web hosting plan provides you with 5GB of disk space, unlimited data transfer, cPanel and all the usual features you would expect from a quality web host such as unlimited email accounts, MySQL databases, subdomains. Our control panel contains script installation wizards and site builders which allow you to install software like WordPress, forums and shopping carts on a few clicks.

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Lifetime Commissions

PromoterHost offers 50% residual, lifetime, referral commissions for all subscribers. If you refer customers to PromoterHost, you will be paid every month, for the lifetime of each customer. ie: If you refer 100 customers over the next 12 months, your monthly commission will be $500. PromoterHost also boasts 365 day cookies, so you'll get your commissions, even if your referral joins 10 months later.

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