3 Glasses of Wine Portraits – New Photos


Exlusive! Marcos Alberti’s 3 Glasses of Wine Project has new, never seen before new pictures.

Photographer Marcos Alberti started the “3 Glasses of Wine Project” as a joke, messing around with his friends. Marcos Alberti took the photos in an effort to demonstrate how three glasses of wine makes people appear much more happy and relaxed. The photos went viral and have been featured on websites such as BoredomTherapy, Upworthy and BoredPanda.

Since his work has become popular, Mr. Alberti has been able to include more exclusive personalities into his work. He was privileged to be invited to the presidential debate after party, where he was able to take these photos of high profile guests. PromoterHost is proud to be the first to release the newest photos of Marcos Alberti’s 3 glasses of wine project.

Barrack Obama

Barack Obama has a very stressful job occupation as a professional golfer. It’s not easy moonlighting as President of the United States, when there are so many bunkers to visit. However, as predicted by Marcos Alberti’s brilliant work, President Obama was pictured visibly loosened after only three drinks.


Donald Trump

As has been reported by mainstream media outlets, Donald Trump had absolutely no chance of winning the election. The very fact that he was running demonstrated to all Americans and the entire world that the United States was in severe trouble. Unfortunately the Russians hacked the elections, bringing Donald Trump into victory, even though his candidacy emboldened and encouraged deplorable’s all over the country. It’s not easy being leader of the KKK, racist, homophobic, Islamophobic, xenophobic and a sexist during an election campaign. Trump copped a lot of flack. The man wears a lot of hats. However, Donald Trump can be seen clearly more relaxed after three drinks, proving that Marcos Alberti is really onto something.


Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton could be seen pacing the upstairs corridors of the building, alone, with her hands in the air, yelling something about 50 points. Nobody could quite figure out what was wrong with her, but after being handed a glass of wine, Hillary almost immediately calmed down. By her third glass, Hillary was back down with everyone else, insisting upon group hugs. However, the sentiment was short lived — she was later seen holding a bottle of wine on the pavement at 4am, where she was dragged into a black SUV by several secret service members. She was once again slurring something about “50 points”, with her head bobbling from side to side.


Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama was also very unhappy at the party. She was muttering something about how there was so much hope and now all hope was lost. When her husband was elected, that’s when hope started, according to Michelle Obama. Now that her husband is leaving office, hope is lost again. So it seems that Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are the gatekeepers of hope for the United States, if she is to be understood correctly. As long as their family is in office, there’s hope — but when they have to leave, hope is gone. It’s not all bad though, because like clockwork, even Michelle Obama succumbed to the “3 drink” happiness factor. She was seen later than evening dancing without a care in the world.


Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin was not invited to the party, but with some help and funding from Donald Trump, his hackers were able to tap into project bluebeam, allowing him to make an appearance at the party as a hologram. At first he wasn’t at all in the mood, but after 2 drinks, he could be seen cuddling a puppy. By the third glass of wine, he startled members of the party by trotting past the bar, shirtless, on a horse, chuckling: “All your electoric are belong to us”. Trump was trying to wave him down, but Vladimir couldn’t see his hands.


Disclaimer: This news article is completely fictitious. Well, almost — the part about Barack Obama being a golfer is actually true. The rest is pretty much fake news though. I’m just letting everyone know because I don’t want the Mainstream Media to think that I am trying to compete with them. Oh and the part about Hillary’s group hugs was fake also. Hillary has never hugged anyone.

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