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PromoterHost is primarily a viral content blog that offers news, viral videos and memes, political commentary and more; all while openly promoting online marketing articles, ideas and tips. Some content is serious, some content is for a laugh; there’s no real line between the two; however, “categories” are pretty much separated into serious/not serious. Each blog post is promoted completely separately to each other.

I am not pandering to any particular audience, I simply post, promote and offer my views on what ever is on my mind from day to day, according to my personal short term and long term goals and objectives. All in all, PromoterHost serves as a reflection of my personal interests, views and humour — with a spin towards online marketing, web development and online promotion; which is my passion.

I am also passionate about guerrilla marketing and viral ideas, so you’ll also find a lot of weird and wonderful creations and endeavours being promoted from this website, either under PromoterHost sub-domains or top level domains. Some of them do very well, some of them are complete failures and slightly embarrassing.

I am always testing out new scripts, viral creations and ideas for attracting eyeballs online, but I draw the line at smut, stupidity or trolling. I do not like “click bait” articles. I do at least try to present information and ideas with integrity, even if I am sometimes not completely serious.

PromoterHost is also a personal workshop of viral inventions and ideas. All in all, PromoterHost is a glorified personal homepage that sometimes looks like a news outlet, sometimes a celebrity gossip column and sometimes a network marketing program. When you visit PromoterHost, you never really know what you’ll get, but the content is always ultra-right/conservative; even in parody. Similarly, I never really know exactly what I am going to write or promote. It just depends on what’s going on in the world, what “viral impulses” I get from day to day, or what I feel like highlighting at any given moment.

Leonard Wass, PromoterHost Founder

About Leonard:

I am a web developer, online marketer and general jack of all trades with 20 years experience in all facets of website production. Experience includes, HTML, PHP, CSS, SEO, SEM, graphics, marketing, content writing, social media management, online community management, script and software installation, advertising campaign management, eCommerce — pretty much everything and anything to do with building, maintaining, promoting and branding an online presence.

PromoterHost Highlights and Awards

PromoterHost also hands out awards to celebrities, depending on whether they’re a douche bag, or a hero.

Douche Bag Awards

Seth Meyers
George Soros

Fake News

PromoterHost also highlights the hypocrisy (and “fakery”) of globalist run, establishment backed, corporate, biased mainstream news outlets.

Fake News Outlet – CNN’s Credibility Going Down Gurglar – FAST
New York Times Fixated on Fake News
Breaking News! Trump DEVASTATES Mainstream Media!

PromoterHost Explains

The world is full of liberal, socialist and globalist stupidity. So, articles need to be written to explain to the confused masses that what is being presented to the populace through the media is actuarely not “normal”.

Liberal Riots Explained
Internet Takeover Explained

The above lists will continue to grow.

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