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PromoterHost offers 100% instant commissions of US $97, via PayPal. Making referrals is easy. Simply click the share buttons on news, memes and videos — and when someone joins through your link, you get the money. Yes, the whole $97, instantly, via PayPal

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What is the PromoterHost Affiliate Program?

PromoterHost is always striving for more readers and members. Lifetime membership costs $97 and is a one time fee. In order to grow as fast as possible, PromoterHost is currently rewarding members with 100% commissions for making referrals. The money is paid directly into your PayPal account – member to member. PromoterHost does not take or hold any money from the transaction. Non members earn 50% commissions through websites such as JVZoo, Clickbank and Shareasale.

The 100% commissions for members will be in effect until the end of 2018. After that, the commissions will will change to 75% for members. The 100% commissions are available for a limited time in an effort to generate a strong surge of membership registrations. So 2018 is the best time to refer new members to PromoterHost.

What does PromoterHost get out of Offering 100% Commissions?

PromoterHost is working hard to generate new members. The affiliate program is not designed to be profitable for PromoterHost; it is designed to be lucrative for members, for higher referral rates. This will position PromoterHost for greater success in future.

Benefits of Membership

As a member of PromoterHost, you will gain access to PromoterHost’s one click referral system, which allows you to share absolutely any post, video, meme or page to social media with your referral ID attached. As people click to PromoterHost from the links you share on social media, you will begin to receive $97 payments as members sign up. This money is paid into your PayPal account immediately, upon signup. There are also many other benefits to membership, which offer great value.

  • Regular updates in important topics around the world.
  • Access to like-minded members, who are also passionate about truth and common sense.
  • Ability to post your views and comments on the website (only members can post).
  • Ability to write articles or generate content and be paid for them (in the future).

Why Should you Promote PromoterHost over other Programs?

Here’s a pretty good reason..

PromoterHost uses 365 day cookies. So if your referral decides to join many months layer, you still get your 100% commission. Additionally, PromoterHost will do everything it can to keep in contact with that potential referral on your behalf — by following up, which greatly increases the likelihood that they’ll eventually become a member, rewarding you with an $97 instant payment, via PayPal. PromoterHost will not present any other offers to your referral, until they’ve joined and have access to the affiliate area. The email list that they’ll be added to exists exclusively to encourage YOUR referrals to make that payment .. to you.

Here’s another fantastic reason..

By promoting PromoterHost, you can make referrals without selling or recruiting. All you have to do is share interesting articles, funny memes, videos, pages and posts to social media. Many of the posts will be extremely informative, inspirational and pertinent to promoting truth and common sense. So, in effect, you’ll be rewarded for promoting useful content! There are also some silly, numerous and non so serous content to keep things light and entertaining from time to time.

You very likely share such content every day anyway, so why not get paid for it? Sharing can be done with one simple click. When people click to PromoterHost from the link you shared, they’ll be encouraged to join PromoterHost as a member — and when they do, you get $97 in your PayPal account, instantly. The money can add up very quickly. 10 referrals will give you a commission of $970, which is paid directly into your PayPal account as the referrals come in. Referral commissions will remain 100% until the end of 2018. The commissions will change to 75% on January 1st, 2019.

Dear Visitor,

There’s nothing more powerful than the incentive of money. By supporting PromoterHost with a one time payment of $97, you will gain the ability to refer friends and make a instant 100% commission of $97 via PayPal. Or, you can promote via JVZoo, Clickbank and Shareasale as a non-member and receive 50% commissions..

That’s right, PromoterHost does not take a cut from the commission of members. I’m happy with simply gaining a new member. The referral commissions are truly instant and truly 100%, via PayPal (until the end of 2018). When you make a referral, that money completely bypasses PromoterHost and goes directly into your PayPal account.

You get the money, PromoterHost gets a new member. Win-win for everyone.

Thanks in advance for your contribution and support.


Leonard Wass
PromoterHost Founder

How do you Promote PromoterHost?

PromoterHost’s referral program is intelligently designed. All you have to do is log into PromoterHost and click the share buttons of any article, page, video or meme you would like to share. As long as you’re logged in, that link will contain your referral ID. Additionally, various ad texts, memes and videos are provided in the affiliate area. PromoterHost’s referral program has been designed to be baby simple to promote — yet extremely powerful.

Remember, PromoterHost uses 365 day cookies. So let’s say you spend a few minutes or so posting PromoterHost pages to social media each day, and send only several visitors — within one year, you will have sent over 1,000 visitors.

Case Example

If only 10% of 1,000 visitors decided to join (remember, PromoterHost will constantly follow up with them), that will be almost $10,000 in profit. Even the worst marketers online can consistently make more than several referrals per day.

If you reinvest your initial earnings into paid advertising, you can make significantly more commissions. If you can generate one sale of $97, that money can be used to buy advertising, which can generate 50-100 people over several days. It is very possible to keep reinvesting the money you earn from a basic advertising budget, to generate hundreds of visitors per day. This can easily culminate into tens of thousands of visitors per year.

What Makes PromoterHost so Lucrative to Promote?

The simple fact of the matter is: People want “easy”. The vast majority of people who want to make money online are not Internet Marketers, and quite frankly, they never will be — and nor do they even WANT to be. They want to find an “everything done for you”, “out of the box” system that they can join and literally just start promoting. PromoterHost is the perfect program that will allow pretty much everybody to do just that, regardless of skill level, ambition, effort, motivation level or financial situation. PromoterHost’s affiliate program is great for people who have no idea about anything; except they want to make some money somehow.

The process is: You refer a member, you get $97. That referral will receive some basic promotion advice — so they can start promoting. They can possibly even have their first $97 within minutes too. The whole process is that simple. The concept is easy, everyone understands it, and anyone can do it.

Members bring in new members and keep all the money, PromoterHost gains new members without having to pay for them, while building a sizeable contact list — everyone is happy! Win-win for everyone.

PromoterHost is one of the best Programs to Promote Online.

The commission is right, the price is not too low (which is important), but it’s not too high either (which is important too!). Those $97 commissions add up very quickly. The risk is small. There’s no learning curve. You can literally join, promote your link and have $97 in your PayPal account a few minutes after someone else decides to join too.

PromoterHost’s program is great for lazy people who can’t be bothered learning anything (not that laziness is condoned by PromoterHost — but hey, there are LOTS of lazy people around — and they want to make money too!); they just want a link to pass around. It’s great for seasoned online marketers who can generate thousands or even tens of thousands of members. 10,000 sales (which a good online marketer can easily generate) would result in close to one million dollars worth of sales.

So, there is no reason not to join today.

Earnings Disclaimer

This Program is Launching beforfe the end of February, 2018.
Join the PromoterHost facebook group and you will be notified when the program has been officially launched.