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Alex Jones deserves an award. He must be one of the least thanked and most taken for granted of people in modern history. So, after watching this video (below), I decided to make Alex an award. Its validity will be highlighted by likes, tweets, shares and comments — so let’s show Alex some love.

I am sharing this video solely on the grounds that I agree with it 100% and want to do something to support Infowars. I have been a big fan of Alex for a very long time. I can’t remember how long exactly, but it’s got to be over 15 years. I remember when he was running a couple of little websites built in static HTML. I immediately took a liking to Alex Jones, because he was saying what I was thinking — while the world around me still didn’t get it. It was refreshing to find that there was someone out there, saying how it is — because such people are far and few between, especially in the media these days.

Twenty years ago, the “truth movement” had nowhere near the power that it does today. There were people around that spoke cliches: “Ah, you can’t trust the bloomin’ government”, “Politicians, they’re all crooks”, “Tee TV is the devil”, etc.. but that’s about as far as it went for the most part. These days, ideas behind truth and freedom have exploded and become much more sophisticated — and it’s men like Alex Jones, who have devoted their lives to truth and freedom that really deserve a huge thanks. I often wonder whether this truth and freedom movement would even have grown to where it is without “Alex Jones”. I genuinely mean that. I sincerely believe the man deserves an award — even global recognition.

The Simple Video That Triggered me to Create the Alex Jones Award (The Certificate Above)

It’s one thing to support Infowars by purchasing products, and I’m all for it. But I wanted to do just a little bit more. After watching the video below, it dawned on me how far Alex Jones and Infowars have come. I immediately got to work and created the above certificate for Alex Jones. I am asking every person that passes by this article to spread the love.

Validate The Award by Spreading the Love

I am adamant when I say this: Alex Jones truly deserves an award. Alex Jones is the spearhead of the American “truth and freedom” revolution; not just American — but a global revolution, actually. Alex Jones is now a household name. THAT is why the globalist owned and run, shill riddled mainstream media hate him so much.

The certificate I created is just a heap of pixels. It means nothing by itself. The validity of the certificate will be backed by how many tweets, likes and shares it receives.

Let me tell you something else. If Alex Jones really was a “conspiracy theorist”, in the derogatory sense of the term, meaning that he just runs around crying wolf and fear-mongering, then he would never have build the media empire that he has built, which is literally BIGGER and more popular and far reaching than the dying, discredited mainstream media. I truly believe Alex Jones has been blessed by God.

PromoterHost is a staunch ally of not just Alex Jones, but freedom lovers and truth seekers across the world. I wholeheartedly understand that PromoterHost can very easily be labelled as a “fake news” website, and delisted by Google and penalised by facebook and other globalist controlled, corporate social networks — leaving me to promote my articles, products, websites, rants and views via more organic means: word of mouth, shares, paid advertising, backlinks, etc.. but I wholeheartedly believe that if I stick with the truth — if I stay on the RIGHT side of history, PromoterHost and all my associated efforts and projects will grow anyway.

I am not going to kowtow to evil. I won’t kowtow to falsehood. I won’t side with the evil “establishment”, just because there might be an extra buck in it. That’s how this world became so messed up. There has ALWAYS been someone willing to do the bidding of the rich elite (who have always been completely detached from the common man, and therefore have absolutely no place in their heart to base empathy or sympathy) and completely sell out their fellow man, for a few crumbs. George “I’m alright thanks Jack, screw you” Soros is one of them. He sold out his own kind so that he could prosper. He looks back and claims that he did absolutely nothing wrong. He possesses no remorse, no guilt, no empathy, no regret. George Soros is a good friend and master and financier of Hillary Clinton, John McCain and many other heartless, soulless puppets, social engineering programs, governments and corporations. He has an army of tens of thousands of sell out shills that will do anything for money.

If you want to see a whole raging hoard of these kids of sell out shills just turn on mainstream media – you will see some of the biggest lowlifes humanity has to offer, smiling sarcastically into the camera as they inject society with the latest social engineering programming. They know perfectly well they are lying and selling the rest of us out for a bag of silver. There’s a breed of people in this world that simply don’t care about anything or anyone but themselves. As long as they’re getting paid, they’re willing lapdogs of the black-hearted globalists.

If I lose this website (ie: if my advertising dollars are cut off; it is demonetised), and if I lose some or even all the reward for my online efforts, which are my income and my life, I will still not side with the globalists or pander to them. Having said that, I’ll always find a way to get by on the side of freedom, no matter how unpopular the globalists or their shill lapdogs (the mainstream media, politicians, corporate CEO’s etc) make it. You know why? Because truth and freedom can’t be stamped out. One portion of freedom can destroy a thousand portions of evil. Truth is like light shined into a dark corner — cockroaches will scatter everywhere, looking for some darkness. Actually, the darkness in this world is weaker than one might imagine. How fragile is this house of cards the satanic global elite have built. I’ll find a way to promote freedom and speak my mind — and align my life with the effort, or I’ll die doing it. I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees.

If you’re an ally of Alex Jones and the Infowars team, and if the sentiment of this article and the video above resonates with you — and you’d like to “validate” the certificate I made (which, I repeat, is just a heap of pixels without the validation; the tweets, sharing, comments, etc), please share this post on facebook and twitter, along with the hashtag: #AlexJonesAward.

Let’s show the mainstream media, the globalists that run it – and all lapdog shills alike how much love and appreciation there really is for this great man: Alex Jones — so that when they (the lying, deceptive, demonic dirt bags) sleep at night, they’ll be haunted by the fact that no matter how much funding they have, no matter how much backing they have, no matter how much their lies and deceptions are propped up — they are hated and will always be hated — yet Alex Jones single handedly grew an “alternative” media outlet, starting with not much more than the money he had in his wallet, into something that literally overtook the globalist backed, mainstream media, and is largely responsible for tackling it to the ground where it is convulsing in demise.

Alex used one main ingredient: TRUTH. That one ingredient has defeated decades of deception, lying and subversion.

Alex Jones, I’d like to personally thank you for being one of my heroes. I am praying for you, always. May the Lord give you strength, wisdom, revelation and power — for His glory and His kingdom, which is at the door. In Jesus name, Amen.

Let’s make this award viral.. facebook, twitter, forums, blogs, chats.. Let’s show Alex Jones that devoting his life to the freedom of all is truly appreciated.

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