Alex Jones Slaps Himself For Liberals

Alex Jones slaps himself because the gollum zombie liberals that performed a ‘drive-by cussing’ were too afraid to come over and say something to his face.

“Why don’t you come over tough guys? To me. To my face. And you know..” *slap* “ me how bad ass you are..” *slap* ..”Show me really how tough you are. How you changed the world. How you go up against the enemy. How you march into groups of thousands of communists to get in their face in Cleveland. Show me how manly you are. How me how intellectual you are, how bad ass you are. How you control your own destiny.”

Alex continues:

“The truth is you’re not my enemy. You’re a zombie gollum. You’ve had your soul stolen, and I wish you weren’t the little bully pricks you are.”

Ok, so that was hilarious. The zombie gollum liberals were too weak to take the opportunity to say something to him, so he took the initiative. But on a more serious note, here’s the original video. Alex points out how the liberals are digging their own grave.

The Original Video

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Article written by: Leonard Wass