Antifa – Soulless Sniveling Cowards

Antifa are nothing more than a bunch of whiny, snivelling cowards that have no real grasp or understanding of the reality they live in.

Antifa: When you’re a dropout (or dropkick, actually), haven’t achieved any success in life, nobody from the opposite sex is attracted to you, you live in your mothers basement; so you put on a ninja mask (hiding your grotesque, flabby face like a coward) and run the streets screeching and screaming at people who have REAL ideas, REAL understanding of the world and REAL convictions.

Then you slither back onto the SOROS bought and paid for bus and go back to your home state, where you spend your nights crying yourself to sleep, asking: “why doesn’t anyone love me?”, as you snivel and inhale snot that’s streaming down onto your quivering lips.

The only thing you have to look forward to is when next event comes along, where you can prostitute your soul for the slightest bit of attention. Cowards.

Liberalism is a mental illness. We need to find a cure.

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