Arnold Schwarzenegger – What has he been up to Lately?

Arnold Schwarzenegger is without a doubt, one of the most successful and influential and motivational personalities in the world.

Millions of people admire Arnold Schwarzenegger for his accomplishments. Arnold started out in bodybuilding, because he knew it would act as a vehicle to help him accomplish his dreams. He set his sights on America and hasn’t looked back.

Arnold ignored the naysayers and achieved great success in bodybuilding, movies, politics and many other arenas. There are definitely not too many people around that have the same level of drive as Arnie.

The bodybuilders of today can’t hold a candle to Arnold Schwarzenegger. in my opinion, he is definitely the most aesthetically proportioned bodybuilder ever; especially considering taking his era into account. Sure there are many body builders who put on a lot more mass than Arnold, but do they look better for it? Absolutely not.

Arnold is a true inspiration.