Awareness: Trucks Stopping Distance (please share)..

I’m not a truck driver, but I know a trucks stopping distances is significantly longer than a car. I see it all the time – people cutting in front of trucks, risking the lives of everyone.

Please take a moment to share this post on social media. It actually really is a huge problem that needs awareness: ‘truck stopping distance’. Inconsiderate, ignorant and inexperienced drivers are cutting in front of trucks all the time. They do not realise that a truck can weigh between 9 and 90 tonnes, and can’t simple stop in a dime like a little 4 cylinder car, motorcycle or bicycle can. Trucks need more distance.

It’s not just stopping in front of trucks either; it’s not giving them room to turn. I see that on roundabouts and intersections. People, in a hurry, trying to squeeze past trucks in the inside of a corner, and the poor truck driver literally has to slam the brakes on, or even swerve towards other traffic, to let the idiot pass, before they get turned into jam.

Too many people just don’t get it. There’s no ads or campaigns on TV warning people about this daily menace. So please, share this post and help to create a bit of awareness. It really is a very big problem.

No really — share it — it will take you 2 seconds and you could save a life. It’s a VERY dangerous, VERY real and HUGE problem.

You don’t have to be an Aussie to share this post. I am sure there are people who drive equally as disrespectfully in other countries.

News Report: Truck Stopping Distance

This Australian news report shows a complete lack of awareness for truck stopping distance.

Semi Truck Stopping Distance Video

I did a little search on YouTube, and I found this video of a guy, trying to explain to people the true truck stopping distance a truck requires. He politely asks people not to cut in front of trucks, because you can die. Trucks can’t move.

Truck Stopping Distance Comments

Its not just trucks that get cut off, so to coaches and busses. Our cargo is alive and precious. We carry luggage underneath and bags inside too. Ever seen what happens when we have to break hard. Luggage moves this shifts the weight in the coach and also can dislodge some in the coach and cause injury. I’ve had water bottles come flying down the front and end up around my feet. This stop us from using out peddles to control the vehicle if they get stuck. I weigh 18 tone empty and 22 tome fully loaded. Don’t cut in front of them either. – Jen Booth

All we get is an index finger stuck up at us these days when a car cuts in front of us when we honk them, there’s a reason we leave a gap between our truck and the car in front of us. People can think they’re tough by sticking up their finger up after cutting off a truck and then jumping on then brakes deliberately after, but if something does happen ahead your the moron who’s going to be dead and we will have to have your death on our conscience. Just leave us space and simply wave your hand out the window saving sorry instead of sticking up the middle finger. – Darren Drury

I’ve had hr licence for 30 years and I don’t drive trucks anymore as the cars just don’t care. You leave room to slow down and they overtake you and squeeze in and you don’t have time to react if you have to stop. I’ve had so many close calls on hitting people that just pull out in front of you and slow down, or turn with out warning – Geoff Hunter

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