[Beware] Virtual Kidnapping Scam

New virtual kidnapping scam – don’t let it happen to you!

“We have your daughter” – is the last thing you want to hear on the phone; but this is happening. The new virtual kidnapping scam which is growing, can target anyone anywhere. The way the scam works is people receive a phone call stating that a family member has been kidnapped; usually with some vague description like “your son” or “your daughter”, and the ‘apparent’ kidnapper then demands money. More and more people are falling victim of this scam, as they wire money to the so called kidnapper.

Watch this video and read below about how you can protect yourself. Make sure you share this article so that your loved ones are made aware.

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Protect Yourself from the Virtual Kidnapping Scam

If you receive a phone call, insisting that a loved one has been kidnapped, here are some steps you can take to find out of it is real.

1). Check the caller ID. If the number is long distance or from another country, the ‘kidnapping’ is likely to be a work of fiction.

2). If the caller doesn’tuse or tell you the name of the ‘victim’, it could very well be because there is/was no kidnapping. You can ask them who they have ‘kidnapped’. If they cannot tell you the name of the person, then it is likely to be a bogus kidnapping.

3). Ask to talk to the person they’ve kidnapped so you can hear that they are ok. If the caller refuses, the kidnapping is probably fabricated. If the caller puts the ‘victim’ on the phone but the voice is muffled, or you can’t tell who it is – they are probably faking.

What to do After the Call

Whether you have determined the call to be fake or real, you should immediately contact the police and give them all the information you can. You might also want to write down anything significant that you can remember about the phone call, before to much time passes – which can cloud your memory.

You can share this article, to make your loves ones aware of this horrible scam, which has already put scores of people through a living hell. It is becoming more popular every day.

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