Big Tech Censorship Technology Exposed

Millie Weaver gets into the back story of what technology is actually being used to censor people off social media platforms. Technology developed to flag and remove child pornography, Isis recruitment videos and snuff films is now being used for the removal of “hate speech”. Alex Jones and Infowars have found themselves as patient zero for determining the future of free speech on social media platforms and the internet. After Project Veritas released videos of whistleblowers from Google exposing their bias and censorship of dissenting political voices, many have called for Google and other social media platforms to be regulated by the government. However, after examining the technology the government wants to use for regulation, it become clear that censorship under government regulation will only make matters worse. Free speech has never been at greater risk and supporting the infowar has never been more critical.

Credit: Millie Weaver (YouTube)

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