CM Punk UFC – Fighting January or February?


CM Punk’s UFC debut against Mickey Gall at UFC 203 was utterly disgraceful. There’s no getting around that. However, even the best fighters in the world have bad days. CM Punk deserves a second chance. Everyone deserves a second chance.

Take a look at Aldo Vs. McGregor at UFC 194. Jose Aldo is a champion who had only one loss. Yet, if you didn’t know Aldo and you were told that his fight with McGregor was his first fight, it would be understandable if you said: “Yeah, nah.. he’s hopeless. Don’t let him back in the octagon”. Having said that, I believe Aldo deserves another chance with Connor also. But that’s another article. Back to CM Punk..

CM Punk has a lot More to Offer to the UFC

Yes, CM Punk’s performance at UFC 203 was embarrassing and awkward to witness; totally cringe-worthy. But that’s one of the primary reasons he needs to be given another chance. But I genuinely believe that CM Punk’s performance had less to do with “skill” and more to do with the fact that it was his first time in the octagon. Prior to the fight, CM Punk was all like: “Oh, the crowds are nothing to me, I’m used to it” etc.. but was he really? Was CM Punk really psychologically ready for the fight? I think his performance answered that question.

CM Punk was putting on a good act. Mickey Gall was right when he told CM Punk that “he’s acting”. I think he was acting, to a certain extent, psychologically (even fooling himself with synthetic confidence) — but in spite of that, I still believe CM Punk has the athleticism, skill and determination to prove that he’s a lot better than he looked at UFC 203. I also believe that given a 2nd chance, he will not be acting. That loss was humiliating. If CM Punk is allowed back in the octagon, it will be a very SOBER CM Pink that really means business.

If CM Punk gets another whooping like Mickey Gall gave him, a second time, then I’ll be the first to say: “Yeah, nah.. he’s hopeless. Don’t let him back in the octagon”. Now that CM Punk has has been ‘beaten up’, there’s absolutely do doubt that a fire is growing in him. I believe that before UFC 203, everything was surreal to CM Punk. I really don’t believe that sense of “fighting for real” kicked in until he stepped into the octagon.

If CM Punk were given a second chance, I genuinely believe things will be different. Even if he loses a 2nd fight, I think he’ll at least get to show some good evidence that he has been training hard and is nowhere near as hopeless as his first fight made him seem.

CM Punk UFC – Take Two

Here are some reasons CM Punk would do better in the UFC, 2nd time around:

  • He’s coming off a deeply embarrassing loss.
  • He’s had some time to reflect (and beat himself up).
  • Stepping into the octagon a 2nd time will be MUCH easier (in ways that count).
  • “Synthetic confidence” will be replaced by genuine determination.
  • His credibility will be on the line, MUCH more.
  • All the above factors will translate into better training/mindset.

If CM Punk is not given a second chance in the UFC, it would be very unfair; a tragedy even. I’m not saying it should be a title fight, but it needs to at LEAST be on a UFC pay per view event. CM Punk lost his first fight on a pay per view event, so he deserves his second chance on a pay per view event. Dana White and CM Punk are going back and forth with ideas. CM Punk obviously wants to fight. Dana isn’t plain out saying: “No” .. so why beat around the bush?

Dana, just give CM Punk another chance in the UFC. It will sell heaps of tickets!

MY best guess is that Dana White is saying something like: “Why don’t you build yourself up on smaller fights? ..and we’ll put you on a a pay per view event if you win a few?”. However, CM Punk is bringing a big fan base, and he still deserves to be paid well for that reason; regardless of skill. Therefore, there’s no logical option but to put CM Punk on a a pay per view card. The UFC needs to recognise that CM Punk is bringing a lot of value to the table (regardless of skill, which is debatable and arguable until he gets a second chance), so he needs to be met half way.

Who Should CM Punk Fight Next in the UFC?

CM Punk’s return should be “showcased” as the second last fight of the night. I know a lot of people will complain about that, but I’ll repeat myself: CM Punk lost on a pay per view event, so he deserves to try to avenge himself on a pay per view event. He deserves that chance, if not based on skill, then because of the draw he has.

Who is he CM Punk to fight in the UFC? There are a few options, but Mike Jackson and Ron Templeton are two good ones. They are the two guys that Mickey Gall has already beat in the UFC. If CM Punk can beat one of them, then that will give him a ticket back into the division as a legitimate contender, even if he’s at the bottom; which wil open the door to more UFC fights.

Mike Jackson has 0 wins and one loss, JUST like CM Punk. Side note: I think Mike Jackson really looks like

Ron Templeton also has 0 wins and 1 losses, JUST like CM Punk.

If the UFC does not allow CM Punk a 2nd chance, the that would be a crying shame. For all we know, CM Punk was a good fighter that just let lack of “actual fight inexperience” get the better of him, psychologically in his first fight, and the world will never know what CM Punk truly has to offer if he’s not give another chance.

Dana White needs to strongly consider giving CM Punk a 2nd chance; and I think the second last fight of a pay per view event is the best way to go about it. Yes, it will be a bit of a spectacle, and some people will complain, but I guarantee you it will sell tickets.

CM Punk UFC – The Future

If CM Punk gets his butt kicked again in the UFC, then yeah. Sorry Phillip, you need to give it up man.

If CM Punk wins, then his next fights should be to allow him to work his way towards the belt – on pay per view cards. CM Punk was always going to be a “spectacle”. He’s always going to be a spectacle. His 2nd fight will be a spectacle. That’s not going to change. He deserves what some people will sarcastically call “special attention”, because he already has a huge fan base. THAT is what he is bringing to the table, and THAT is why he must be given a second chance. Mike Jackson or Ron Templeton make perfect sense. Either one of those. However, I prefer Mike Jackson.

UFN 82: Mike Jackson: CM Punk ‘Would Be a Much Easier Fight’ Than Mickey Gall

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