Conor McGregor Has Proven the Haters Right

I have to say I was a #1 Conor Fanboy from the start. Conor was the best thing in entertainment for decades in my opinion. He came out of nowhere, worked his way up fast and proved a lot of people wrong. He talked a lot of trash and there was a certain period where people were debating whether he could back it up or not. He proved that he could back it up. That’s what escalated his career and name so high.

I’m not going to go into the story of his big downward spiral. Everyone who has followed him knows the story. All I am going to say at this point is that I am no longer a fan of Conor. I genuinely think he is a complete knob.

Conor McGregor is out of control, psychologically. He needs to take a good step back and reevaluate his life, because he’s going to wind up dead, in prison or handicapped after a beating.

Sure, McGregor can fight in the octagon. he has skills; but his antics are almost assuredly going to attract some heroes trying to cash in on vendettas. Conor has come to the point where he basically has to watch his back wherever he goes.

In short Conor McGregor has basically turned into a total loser. I guess he couldn’t handle the fame. He is heading for trouble. My prediction is that very soon we’ll hear some news about Conor that’s tragic. It’s not a hope. I don’t wish anything bad upon the guy, but he’s heading towards a brick wall at light speed.

I was happy when I thought his mouthy antics were just a good act. Now I realise he’s actually severely lacking in character. I’m over Conor McGregor.