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CNN the fake news network’s credibility is hitting new lows. The dying globalist mouthpiece is getting desperate. They’re not reporting news anymore. CNN is nothing more than a propaganda outlet, pretending to be a news network.

fake-news-cnnStatista.com shows a dramatic decline in CNN’s credibility from 76% in 2002 to 58% in 2012. It’s hard to imagine that the Criminal News Network better from 2012 to 2016. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s dropped to below 40%. In my opinion, CNN is a criminal organisation. They have a moral obligation and duty to report “NEWS”, but instead, they incessantly and shamefully inject false narratives into the consciousness of “trusting” people, many of whom are struggling just to get through each day. Criminal is definitely the right word for these people. – Leonard Wass

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I’m not going to write a lot about this video. I am going to let these YouTube comments of the video speak for themselves. I didn’t see one positive comment about CNN the Criminal “FAKE” News Network, as I gathered these comments. Not one!

CNN’s Fake News – YouTube Comments

“CNN is the worst of fake news!!!” – Randall Lowe

“I HATE CNN!!!!” – Virginia Risk

“CNN needs a bottle of Infowars’ brain force.” – Caleb Fraser

“How dumb are CNN viewers? They really think the president of the United States gets all of his information from a website?” – FatherBootyHands

“They’re now falsely labeling Alex a “Former KKK Leader”….How do these scumbags who work in CNN sleep at night after spreading false information and lies. They’re all lowly scum.” – Ace

“Boycott CNN 2016!!!! This is war!!!” – Darthchris Lord2

“What part of Freedom and Constitutional rights does CNN not get?” – David Collins

“Where is CNN ON PIZZAGATE ? Are U going to become legit before the end” – Pat Callahan

“CNN has had KKK headlines on their channel for months while they are interviewing or talking about individuals they are against. Recent studies say there are only 5k to 8k KKK member in the U.S. out of over 300,000,000 people. This is criminal media to portray this to the population.” – Crystall Ball

“CNN, you’ve hit rock bottom, but continue to dig. Sad.” – Nano Sponge

“Obama did create isis by arming them . Hillary had the ambasador in Bengazy killed because he was going to tell about the arm sale , CNN= Clinton News Network supporting the demoncRATS” – yvon duval

“I thought everyone knew 9/11 was an inside job.” – Calvin McGee

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CNN: Alex Jones Leader of The KKK

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