Farmbot Genesis : A New Epoch

Farmbot Genesis

I can’t believe I only found out about Farmbot Genesis last night. Yet there are videos on YouTube about it dating back 6 months ago! Why hasn’t the Internet gone Crazy!? Hello!?

Farmbot Genesis is going to single handily change agriculture in the world. As I am writing this article, I’ve only watched two short videos and checked out official Farmbot Genesis website for about 10 minutes, while in complete and utter awe! I’ve seen enough! The agricultural revolution is here!

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Farmbot Genesis: Own Your Food

First of all, let me state that over the years I have nurtured a very strong belief that every house should be growing their own food; just like our grandparents used to do. Nobody knows how to grow anything anymore! If there’s ever another depression or some kind of financial Armageddon, hundreds of millions could die! I’m not even joking. A world that does not know how to grow food is ominously vulnerable.

The amount of pollution and waste that’s produced carting food across countries and, indeed, across the world is absolutely – completely and utterly {{ABSURD}}!; ridiculous even. It’s NOT sustainable – AT ALL! The very same people that own the corporations are declaring that we all have to use less because of “global warming”. What a double standard. What a cop-out.

“You all must use less, have less, get used to less. You must live in guilt, apologising for using the air.”; this is pretty much the globalists elitist mantra. Note: I use the word elitist – not “elite”, because these people are substandard creatures. They’re clever, I’ll give them that, but they have no humanity at all, which is their flaw – and will be their demise. They tell us we’re ruining the earth by simply “eating” and “existing” while they simultaneously MURDER the earth with a completely unsustainable and necessary system; for the purpose of control and theft of liberty, freedom and sovereignty. The unnecessary waste (NOT TO MENTION THE COST) so that corporations can embolden their monopolies, is a humanitarian atrocity.

I’m no “greenie” or “tree hugger” by any means. I especially do not subscribe to the fake “green” movement full of lunatic liberal zombies, regurgitating anti-human sentiments, fed to them by demonic globalists. I am of the wholehearted opinion that “global warming”/”climate change” is a globalist hoax. The globalists have created this fake green movement where they want the world to have less, while they run away with their demonic little breakaway civilisation, hoarding the cream of the crop that humanity has created and produced, BLESSED BY GOD, for themselves; the medical advances, technologies, computing power, secret advances in aeronautics and supersonic transport, you name it .. *deep breath* .. I am digressing. That’s a different article. Back to Farmbot..

Assuming the globalists (sorry, I’ll stop in a miniute) don’t succeed in rounding us all up into, artificially lit, high-rise 10 feet square boxes with no windows, with no interaction to reality except for digital screens and an extra-dimensional entity tormenting us under the guise of artificial technology (also known as “sustainable housing”), every person on planet earth could EASILY have a Farmbot in their backyard.

The only advice I would give about using Farmbot is use it in a greenhouse. Don’t let the chemtrails touch your food. Also, do not use GMO seed.

Farmbot Genesis is the Solution to World Hunger

I don’t think the world realises it yet, but Farmbot is the Google of agriculture. What Google did for information, Farmbot is going to do for bellies. I can see it all now, a vision in my mind of the future. I can see all the benefits outlined in great detail. Let me try to describe what I see!

Farmbot Genesis will Revolutionise Production

Listen carefully, because this is important! Why do people say: “Oh, technology is taking all our jobs!”? Why do people complain about that? Most people HATE their jobs anyway. Most people are acting as human robots for faceless corporations, anyway. Is this something we really want to fight to hold onto? Hello? FOR WHAT!? I’ll tell you why people raise this objection (that technology will kill jobs): Because people need to feed their families! It’s that simple. That’s what it boils down to. Farmbot is a technology that not only gives the world back it’s time (because so much of the worlds energy and effort is spent growing food), but it SIMULTANEOUSLY puts food into the bellies of families. Not only that, but it’s healthy, sustainable, oxygen producing, organic food! If this was the only benefit that Farmbot brought to humanity, it would still spearhead an agricultural revolution. But there’s more!

Farmbot Genesis is Sustainable

Farmbot gives vegetables and plants only the water that it requires. This fact, alone, is a whole revolution in of itself. In a world where clean water is so precious, it is absolutely critical that water is used wisely. Just think: “California”. California has been in a drought for years. Food is trucked in, but technology like Farmbot will give regions like California a sustainable, healthy food supply that requires much less water than wasteful commercial agriculture, minus the traffic and the pollution. Arnold Schwarzenegger should be right onto this. He’s still flapping his gums about sustainability and “greenhouse gasses” in California, even though he’s no longer Governor.

I am Australian (Note: not Austrian, lol), and Australia certainly has its regions where there are huge water shortages do to drought; sometimes for many years, or even decades. Australia is also a very large continent with huge distances between cities. The implementation of Farmbot in Australia would free up so much unnecessary truck and van traffic, the savings would be in the billions per year. “Oh, but the jobs, the jobs”; that’s not a valid complaint as far as I am concerned. My answer is: “Oh, but the waste of time, the unnecessary cost, the infrastructure, the pollution” .. forget the jobs! There will be new jobs! Non-corporate jobs! Community jobs! Jobs that bring people and communities together.

The job of every person should be to raise a happy, healthy and fulfilled family, not serve corporations so the corporations can feed us poison and charge us through the nose to do it! We need to get out of that “Oh, but the jobs” mentality! It’s fallacy!

Farmbot Genesis will bring Freedom

There are two types of freedom that Farmbot will provide. Firstly, Farmbot will single handedly cut the chains that corporations have over the food supply. And believe me, these chains are VERY, VERY heavy chains! They are chains of EVIL. I am not only talking about the corporate money monopoly, but the HEALTH monopoly. I am talking GMO’s, chemicals, “codes” and “numbers” on labels, the removal of crucial healthy fats, carcinogenic, thyroid burning artificial sweeteners — INFERTILITY! Farmbot will free us from these sinister chains of bondage that have trapped so much of the world into a medical system hell. Isn’t it a tragedy that the same people that are overlords of this corporate hell also run AND OWN the medical system? Oh, the freedom, I can smell it already. Praise the Lord!

However, there’s a secondary freedom — but first, let me say: A lot of farming, logistic, warehousing and transpiration jobs will be lost. That might seem like a bad thing. But it is FANTASTIC! Who wants to be stuck in a factory all day anyway? The globalists have completely killed the farmer — especially in the Western world. Those that are left have banks breathing down their necks, as they can’t compete with cheap imports. Did you know that a lot of your food comes from OTHER COUNTRIES, where people are often working for pretty much nothing? They are working for the corporations that purposefully destroyed the family run farms of the western world. The farmers of 2nd and 3rd world countries make just enough money to exist, while the greedy corporations run their grimy hands together. Farmbot will end this injustice; but more importantly (THIS IS A TRUE BLESSING..), it will “de-fund” the globalist system that has us over a barrel. We will be free form spending our precious time spraying crops with Monsanto chemicals, driving corporate, globally tracked, trucks, paying through the nose at corporate owned supermarkets, the freedoms are endless.

“Oh, but what will we ever do for work?”. The question is not “what will we do for work?”! No! That question is invalid. It comes from a mindset that is subservient to a BEAST system! Oh and I used the term “beast system” consciously too. The answer to the question is: You’ll spend time with your families. You’ll have all the food you need growing in your back yard, so you’ll have what you “need”. You can spend your time working on your own dreams, goals and ambitions, building your own future, creating a future for your children. You’ll have the “freedom” to invent things, spend more time with God, more time “cleaning your house”; and no, I am not talking about your place of residence.

Farmbot is a Catalyst for a Health Revolution

This world is sick. More people are dying from “food” than from hunger, let me assure you. The impact that Farmbot will have on health will also be dramatic; and even unmatched in all of human history. Even if the only benefit is that people aren’t buying “frankenfood” from the supermarket anymore, that would be enough; but the actual health benefits of having fresh vegetables available, on hand, every single day will all but wipe out a lot of sicknesses and even cancers. The whole medical system in the western world is overrun by people who are sick from food. It’s never put like that or acknowledged in the media, or even in the medical world, but I’m here to tell you that’s what people are dying from and getting sick from: FOOD!

Farmbot Genesis Comments

This is awesome! We built two garden boxes last year, and have had a decent crop. I’m curious why you push a weed back in the ground rather than pull it out? – Jeremy Weiss

You need to combine this with vertical farms. make it all automated – Frank Egarbill

This is about GROWING FOOD not GARDENING. if you like to garden, have at it, this thing wont and cant stop you. if you dont have the TIME, ENERGY, or PATIENCE for gardening, but want to start a small farm to reduce the amount you spend on groceries, help the environment, and gain access to fresh produce, then this is for you. – Mike Cammiso

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