The Flogsta Scream Starts at 10pm in Sweden

The Flogsta Scream

The Flogsta Scream: Feeling stressed? Just open your window ans scream your lungs out. Don’t worry about disturbing your neighbours. They’ll join you. Welcome to Flogsta, Sweden.

Flogsta is located in west Uppsala, Sweden. At 10pm, every night, people stick their head out a window and start screaming. Here’s an example:

The Flogsta Scream

Why to people do the Flogsta Scream?

A student dormitory in Uppsala gives us the reasons:

  • “It makes me feel good” – Nils Ceder
  • “It’s fun, it makes me happy.” – Axel Svensson
  • “It feels really nice to, like let off some steam at the end of a long day” – Sarau Satish
  • “It’s really fun, this doesn’t exist anywhere else.” – Clara Lundberg
  • “Afterwards you feel joyful.” – Fredrik Osterman

When asked how the Flogsta scream started, none of the students had any definitive explanations. Suggestions ranged from drunken tradition to stress relief. However, according to Wikipedia, “the phenomenon has spread to other university towns and campuses in Sweden, such as Lund, Link√∂ping and the Lappk√§rrsberget student residence area in Stockholm”.

A New Tradition? An Idea..

I’d like to start a new tradition. Perhaps, instead of screaming OUT of windows at 10pm, how about screaming INTO windows at 12am. Do you think that will catch on?

The new tradition might startle residents — especially if their bedroom overlooks the city from a 2nd, 3rd or 4th floor apartment. So in this scream, you make out like you’re screaming as loud as you can, except you don’t have any sound coming out.


You’re not allowed to leave the window until you are noticed. Once the resident notices you, they should scream as loud as they can. The benefit to this is that even if they don’t know how to play the game, they’ll be sure to pick it up naturally the moment they see you silently screaming into their window at 12am.

If it gets to 1am and you are not noticed, you can climb down from the window and go home. Try again tomorrow.

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