Why Floyd Mayweather is scared to fight Conor McGregor

Floyd Mayweather is absolutely Petrified of Fighting Conor McGregor

First of all, I want to state one obvious fact. The main difference between boxing and MMA is that it is much easier for a boxer to win “on points” than an MMA fighter can (even though an MMA fighter can win by points). It’s just harder for an MMA fighter to run away. If they stop fighting on their feet, they will get taken to the ground. In my humble opinion, Floyd Mayweather is a chicken. He runs away from fighters, throws punches to gain points and runs off again. Floyd Mayweather has talked about this and refuted the notion that he is a chicken, but everyone knows: Floyd Mayweather is a CHICKEN!

I wouldn’t waste my time writing an article just to call Mayweather a chicken. There are thousands of other bloggers doing that already. I highlight the fact that Mayweather is a chicken only to point out that if he got into a REAL fight, he would get his rear end handed to him. What I am saying here is that if Floyd Mayweather got into a ring or octagon with Conor McGregor, he would be utterly annihilated.

Mayweather Vs McGregor – Boxing or MMA

Whether Mayweather and McGregor should have a boxing match or MMA (and all the different combinations of possible rules) is already the #1 discussed topic regarding the two fighters, so I am not going to bother talking about that much. Suffice to say, in an MMA match Conor Would completely and utterly destroy Mayweather. I don’t think Mayweather would even have a “punchers chance” in that. If you only add kicks, knees and elbows to boxing, Mayweather would get destroyed there as well. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever. So, quite obviously the ONLY fight Mayweather is every going to accept is a straight boxing match. I can tell you right now – no other fight is EVER going to happen. Mainly because Floyd Mayweather is a chicken; but also because Mayweather simply doesn’t have the skills. Conor McGregor on the other hand will fight anyone, anywhere.

Mayweather Vs McGregor – Who would Win?A

As already ascertained, there won’t be any fight other than a straight boxing match. Conor McGregor will accept that fight, because that’s just how Conor rolls. However, I believe that the only stipulation/request that Conor/Dana will (or SHOULD) make is that boxing gloves are not worn; but MMA gloves are worn.

Considering that Floyd Mayweather has no other fighting skill, except for dancing around the ring punching and running, and Conor is literally letting go of a HUGE arsenal of deadly weapons to try to bring himself down to Mayweather’s lack of ability — if Mayweather does not accept that fight, that will just underscore the fact that he is a chicken. Even if they got into a ring wearing MMA gloves, Conor would be still practically getting on his knees and fighting with one arm – because in a “real fight”, Conor would eat Mayweather for breakfast. In a straight boxing match, Conor McGregor would be literally handicapping himself to cater to Mayweather’s lack of skill.

However, if Mayweather DOES accept a straight boxing fight with MMA gloves, it will be to his detriment, because Conor McGregor would destroy him. Mayweather is not used to being hit with MMA gloves and you can’t dance around and rely on points when you’re getting punched in the face by MMA gloves. That “tactic” just won’t work. It’s off the table. Plus look at the difference in hand sizes between McGregor and Mayweather. Mayweather’s hands are only half the size of McGregor’s. I’m not trying to be mean but there are a lot of women with bigger hands than Mayweather. So if he took his boxing gloves off and swapped them over for MMA gloves, and got the the right with someone who’s hands are twice as big — someone who is RENOWNED for accurate and HARD punches (especially that left hand, which Mayweather will have a very hard time running from), Mayweather will quickly find himself in a whole new world; a world of hurt. In all honesty, I think Mayweather knows all this, which is why he’s making excuse after excuse.

I think it’s very unlikely Mayweather will accept anything other than a straight boxing match with boxing gloves. Even if that fight were to happen, I still wouldn’t count Conor out. Why? Because Conor doesn’t dance around hoping to get points. He lines up extremely accurate left herder’s and rearranges faces. I don’t think Mayweather’s “point taps” are going to last long before Mayweather is on his face wondering what just happened. Mayweather will just not be used to the pressure and STRENGTH that Conor will bring into the ring.

Mayweather Vs McGregor – Mayweather’s Excuses

It’s a complete cop-out that Floyd Mayweather keeps saying: “Oh, Dana used to carry my bags”, “Oh I used to put Dana’s patch on my shorts”, etc.. trying to make out like Dana White is just a little sniffer that’s barely worth taking seriously. This is just a cop-out and further illustrates how Floyd Mayweather is a chicken. Not only is he a chicken, but he’s a disingenuous chicken.

Floyd Mayweather says that the $25 million dollars Dana is offering (EACH, for Mayweather and McGregor) is not enough, yet he is offering McGregor FIFTEEN million. Hello? Can anyone say: “Delusional?”. This is just a dodge tactic. Why would Dana White or McGregor accept fifteen million dollars when they’ve already tried to hand over FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS!? Mayweather is just dodging McGregor – it’s that simple; there’s no question about it. He’s afraid., He’s scared. Mayweather is a chicken, Bk’geerk, Bk’geerk, Bk’geerk. If I were saying this in front of you instead of typing, I’d be flapping my elbows.

Floyd Mayweather’s Fan Comments

“Dana used to carry my bags.” Last time I heard a diss that hard was when Pac told Biggie, ” remember when you used to sleep on my couch.” – Music Power

I think Floyd would accept 50-70 million and McGregor 30-40. That would be more reasonable plus the sponsors, ppvs, revenue gate and all that stuff they would each take home close to 100 million or more. – Ragnar sanriver

Mayweather stop making excuses and just fight. Money should not be an issue if you already have a lot of it. Floyd is just scared of Connor. – master chief

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