George Soros Interview: Twelve Tweets for the Traitorous Trading Twit

George Soros

George Soros, the man that has funded liberal lunatic riots, black lives matter, anti-Trump women’s march and other anti-Trump protests; the man that has destabilized whole countries and affected scores of people, even millions; the man that helped Hitler round up the Jews (and blatantly declared he had no qualms about what he did) has been interviewed by Bloomberg, and shows his true colours. He displays absolute hatred and disdain for Trump; not only predicting he will fail, but actually saying that he WANTS Trump to fail.

So what do you do when you come across an interview like this? Well, you make a dozen memes, highlighting his hatred, stupidity and contempt. Then you ask the Internet to rewteet them all. Let’s show George Soros how much support Trump has behind him, with these hilarious (but sadly, accurate and true) memes. Share them of facebook and twitter.

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George Soros Interview Comments

Warning: George Soros is not a very well liked individual. I had to search for a long time to find the tame comments, in amongst a lot of swearing and abuse. I did not find any positive comments for George Soros at all.

Soros you demon nazi bastard. Your new world order is over. – Zurnmusic


This guy looks like a villain in a Sci-Fi film like star wars. Watch MAGA wars on youtube lol – erick villagrana

Calls trump a dictator, funded communist dictators. – Potatoman Man

Why do people still give this guy an audience? – Lemuel Nicholls

Thumbs up if you want Trump to put Soros on the FBI Most Wanted list. – Philly Chimp

Twelve Tweets for the Trecherous Trading Twit: George Soros

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