Gifts for Liberals – Trumpy Bear

I am not an affiliate for this product. I just really believe that if all the Liberals, Democrats and Lefties alike were given a Trumpy Bear, the world would be a much better place.

You’re in a classroom, trying to teach the kids, and one of the spoiled brat millennial’s throws his chair out from behind him, struts over to you — neck extended several inches, and screams into your face — spraying spittle and all, nose-to-nose: “Who do you think you are Dr. Hsu?”. What do you do? You reach under your desk and hand him a Trumpy Bear.

You’re walking down the street, minding your own business, proudly wearing your American flag T shirt and a MAGA cap. Or, perhaps, you’re wearing a Mark Dice “Russian Bot” T-shirt. Then, all of the sudden, a pale faced, ghoulish looking millennial starts frothing from the mouth, hissing, turning over trashcans and screaming into the sky on their knees, before stampeding toward you for a spear tackle. What do you do? Quickly reach into your backpack and stand ready to hand the deranged Liberal a Trumpy bear. Works every time.

Or, you happen to stumble upon a safe-space, filled with crying liberals, hugging and petting each other in solace, because of the realization that Trump is increasing jobs, and they might (low and behold) be expected to work for the first time in their lives. They spot you wearing some work boots, and it triggers them. Some almost go into convulsions. They all stand up in unison, twitching, ready to charge. They’re also Antifa members, and they’re holding clubs, bats, broken pipes twisted from shop-front fittings and pepper spray.

What do you do? Well, you throw your Trumpy Bear high into the air toward the crowd and LEG IT! Trumpy Bear is a powerful pacifier for liberal tears, but he won’t hold back a whole crowd if you only have one. HOWEVER, Antifa members always stay in packs — as if they’re all tied together by an invisible string, so if you can get even one of them to sit on the ground hugging and petting a Trumpy Bear, the others won’t stray more than 50 feet from that member. If you legged it quick enough, you’ll still be able to stand close enough to take some pictures and send them into PromoterHost for meme production.

Trumpy Bear Official Commercial

For Reference: People who need a Trumpy Bear

Gideon Yapp yells at his Asian Teacher Franklin Hsu. He needs a Trumpy Bear.

A Liberal is “Sorry for her world, after Trump is elected”. She really needs a Trumpy Bear.

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