Grow your Social Media Followers

Would you like to grow your social media followers? This is a common sense, practical guide to increasing your social media exposure.

Growing a social media presence is pretty straight forward. In essence, all you really need is to be driven, persistent and willing to put in some hard work. All the popular people online work hard at keeping up with tools, software and technology; they have their finger on the pulse of social media. The most popular social media personalities work hard at creating a brand, whether it be their own personal character or a business brand (or a combination of both).

Here are 10 things you can do to grow your social media followers.

  1. Post regularly: You must keep your audience/followers engaged.
  2. Stick to your niche: You need to know who you’re attracting and what they’re interested in. Then, post accordingly.
  3. Engage: Never miss an opportunity to click like, thumbs up, retweet, etc. People notice.
  4. Interact: This is extremely important! Be sure to interact with several people per day. Over time, this causes a lot of magnetism for and towards your efforts.
  5. Quality Content: Do your best to be witty and intelligent. Make people laugh.
  6. Don’t split your audience: If you’re trying to build a brand, stay “away” from overly left or “right” content/posts; unless you’re content is specifically political. Otherwise, you’ll lose half your audience. Note: I don’t adhere this rule, because I’m full on, apologetically “right”. However, I don’t recommend this for most people; especially if you can’t take the heat. I pretty much don’t care what people say, because I am confident in my world view (and that Liberalism is a disease). So yeah.. there goes 1/2 my audience, lol.
  7. Persistence: A lot of people fail at creating money, fame, fortune, traffic, followers (what ever it is people are trying to accomplish), because they feel like they’re not getting anywhere and give up. Don’t. Keep pushing forward,. You’ll get there. Have patience.
  8. Continually improve: Learn new things. Figure out new software. Research. Knowledge is key. Do stuff yourself, instead of paying people. Nearly everyone who is successful at anything online is a “go-getter”.
  9. Don’t be a sellout: Don’t flip flop around with your views and opinions. People notice. How aggressive you are at unleashing your personality is up to you (as per point 6), but what ever you DO say/promote, stick with it. Don’t say stupid things for attention.
  10. Start a Blog/Website: If you do not have a blog, you’re completely wasting your time. Everything happens on the blog. Social media is not your web presence. Social media directs people TO your web presence: which is your business or personal blog/website.
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Article written by: Leonard Wass