Heartbreaking Consequences of Big Tech Monopolies

Over the past 6 months, I have constantly told my family and friends on facebook that I am soon leaving Faceboook, because I am tired of the censorship. I built a new social network at www.freedomworkshop.com and have been slowly but surely working on that as I have time. However, it’s still a work in progress.

With the recent banning of Alex Jones (and thousands of popular conservatives) from all the corporate social media platforms and now with PayPal also banning Alex — I realise that there’s absolutely no point in me investing my future into these globalist run platforms any longer.

I am a web developer and online entrepreneur. What’s the point of planting my whole life into the foundations of big tech platforms just to have the root me up and destroy my life in the future?

My latest entry on FreedomWorkshop (on my profile):

I have never felt so ignored in my entire life. I have reached out to hundreds of people, personally over the past 48 hours and not one person has anything to say or respond to me; apart from 3 people. These are my family and closes friends, I reached out to .. and all I hear are crickets.  I guess that’s just how it is. I never had very many people close to me, or people that care. It really is that simple. They’re all proving that right now, as I have left Facebook. It’s not like nobody has been informed of “exactly” what I am doing (and why) .. I told them all constantly for 6 months: “I am leaving facebook soon. Please come over to FreedomWorkshop”. Now, push has come to shove and they don’t even look away from their Facebook screens as I quietly close the door behind me. – Leonard Wass

I only had 170 friends on Facebook. I’ve had thousands of friends requests over the years, but I generally do not friend people that I don’t know on social media. However, I rounded up the closest 81 friends and family in messenger and told them I am now closing my Facebook account. I explained that I have made a post about it on my wall, and that they can read and comment there. I asked them not to comment in the group message, because no one will want to hear all the constant dings. I also explained that any questions can be directed to me in a separate private message.

I saw people leave the conversation one by one (so they saw the message), but nobody did get back to me. It’s as if I gathered everyone into a room, explained what I am doing, and they all just turned around and walked off, without a word.

So, I compiled a list of 18 people from my personal contact list. Actual emails. I added them t a newsletter and explained (again), what I am doing and why:

Letter to my Family and Closest Friends

I was ignored again, for the most part. So, I wrote one last heart-wrenching letter to my loved ones:

[Heart Wrenching] Last Letter to Family and Friends

Please share this post on social media, because what big tech is doing to family and relationships is a complete and utter tragedy. This  is proof that if you leave social media, you lose your family and friends.

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