Heating an RV: Living in a Van

Heating an RV

Heating an RV is extremely important if you’re in -25 degree temperatures like Mike and Sober in this video.

I have never felt more sorry for a person, while watching “living in a van” videos, ever. Not that Mike and Sober live in a van, but they actually live in an RV; but “living in a van” is the term people search for on YouTube and Google for this kind thing!

I can relate to people who live in a van, because I’ve lived in a van myself; something I embarked on after watching “living in a van” videos. However, I didn’t have any trouble heating the van, I had trouble keeping cool. My stint, living in a van, for about 3 months, was on the Gold Coast of Queensland, Australia (in summer). Queensland is a sub-tropical region. I did it for about three months. I have some stories to tell you!

If you’re in temperatures that Mike and Sober were experiencing here, heating an RV is completely and utterly crucial. This situation could have turned out much worse. Mike was smart to turn the van off and see if it would start again, while he was near help. Someone in the comment section insisted that if you don’t think the van will start, don’t turn it off. However, it would have been better for it not to start near help, rather than down the road in the middle of nowhere; so it was smart to try it. However, I would have least driven it away from the pump and tried it in a more appropriate parking spot.

Mike, I am so glad you didn’t break down in a highway somewhere and freeze.

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Heating an RV Comments

If you think your vehicle won’t start back up, don’t shut it off! – Bard To Death

Damn dude, your ear is as red as your cap. Freezing burn = GET WARM. RoadTrip Eddie

Dude it’s been a bad spell for everyone hope it gets better bro=! – jay-mill camperman

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Article written by: Leonard Wass