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Hillary Clinton Thumbs Down

Hillary Clinton, the evil witch, took time off from her spirit cooking to release a feminism video after the inauguration, informing the world that the future “is female”. Clinton refers to a march where one of the organisers killed, raped and tortured a man; and touts this march as “galvanising for millions of people”.

“Just look at the amazing energy we saw last month, as women organised a march, that galvanised millions of people” – Hillary Clinton. Just one problem Hillary, that march, which was full of liberal feminists wearing vagina costumes, was organised by a woman convicted of killing, raping and torturing a man. Where’s the equality in that?

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We all know that wasn’t a women’s march. It was a hate men march. Feminism is a hate movement.

The video is trending on YouTube, but we all know that the “YouTube trending” is actually what YouTube wants to trend, not what is actually trending. At the time, I am writing this article, the video has 17,709 views, 748 thumbs up and 4,019 thumbs down. It is clear that the vast majority of people ho have watched the video do not like what she is saying.

The comment section is turned off on the video, so I have decided to add the video to this article, with a facebook comment section at the bottom. Please let Hillary know what you think of her ideas of the future.

Hillary Clinton Feminism Video Comments

The comment section on the YouTube video were turned off, but if all the thumbs down are an indicator, it seems that her message wasn’t well received.

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Article written by: Leonard Wass