How To Download The Banned Infowars App For iPhone & Android

Thats right, the infowars app is back and available for android and iPhone iOS devices!

Following big techs unilateral banning of Infowars and Alex jones from their platforms, downloads of the Infowars app skyrocketed, launching the infowars app to number 1 in the Apple App store surpassing CNN and others news apps.

What was Apple’s response? To ban the increasingly popular Infowars app from the apple store. The Infowars app is still available in the Google Play store for Android users but it won’t be long until they too, ban it.

Here’s the good news! Infowars is steps ahead of the globalists and their censorship agenda.

Our Info-Techies have created where you can directly download the Infowars App to your Android and iOS devices.

Android will need to tap the blue button that says “Download Android App” and follow the download process.

iPhone users can view the installation instructions by tapping the hyperlink “click here for instructions” or click the “Get” button which will take you to the app’s main page. Find the Icon that has the arrow leaving the box ( at the bottom of your screen) and tap it.
A menu of icons will appear, slide the menu until you see the “Add to Home Screen” Icon and tap it.
Tap “Add” and Voilà! The Infowars App is now on your home screen.

You can now circumvent the globalists’ attempts to restrict your access to tomorrows news today.

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Credit: Millie Weaver (YouTube)

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