How to Get Pepper Grinder Tops Off

This is a very useful tip to get pepper grinder tops off. I literally just spend 15 minutes twisting, pulling and tugging on a pepper grinder without being able to get it off (and I’m reasonably strong). After trying this pepper grinder removal tip, it came straight off. I didn’t even use boiled water, I just used hot water from the tap. Also, I am in Australia. I didn’t use McCormick’s pepper, I used a Saxa brand that I purchased at Coles. It worked just the same though. I think all those pepper grinder bottles are pretty similar; a glass bottle with a plastic grinding cap.

Weight Loss Miracle

It can be extremely hard to lose weight. Most people find it close to impossible. However, there are always some inspiring storied of people who have had success. There's the woman who lost 84 pounds and inspired many other women to do the same. The story contains amazing results and amazing stories.

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