Human Lifting Drone – Santa Ditches Reindeers

Human Lifting Drone

It’s 2016 – Who needs the hassle of feeding Reindeer’s when you have a human lifting drone?

Rudolf the red nosed.. drone? It doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it? Jokes aside, nobody sells a human lifting drone, so the CaseyNeistat channel on YouTube teamed up with Samsung and built one. The first thing I notice in the comment section is discussion about whether it is real or fake. Personally, I think it is 100% real. Look at the size of that drone. It’s massive.

Human Lifting Drone Comments

Talk about going far and beyond! Casey, you’re the man, this is amazing, watching again. wow – John Hill

You know what you started. The great debate on if it was real or not. Knowing what I know about UAVs and building them. Sure, why not. If you have the funding to build one that size. Why wouldn’t it be possible. Now what do I think about it and the video. Wow, that has to be the most impressive UAV I’ve ever seen. Would love to see the parts list and spec. – Darren Watson

Not fake at all. This is just a large Heavy lift double octo. 16 large KDE motors (Probably KDE8218XF-120) with 95 Amp ESC’s running on 12S (44 volts) spinning a 30″ 2 bladed prop, each motor produces 22lbs of thrust at 65% capacity. 22 lbs x 16 motors = 352lbs of thrust without stressing the system. pretty normal stuff dude. – Sleepy Reviews

Human Lifting Drone Photos

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Human Lifting Drone – Behind the Scenes

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