Internet Takeover: PromoterHost Explains

The Internet is being hijacked, but who is conducting the takeover, and how?

The Internet was like the wild west up until about 10 years ago ago — which had it’s good and bad points, but for the most part, information flowed freely and unrestricted. It was the beginning of a golden age in communication, learning and awareness. Everyone could do what they wanted and information flowed freely. Pretty much every website, paragraph, link and document online was hosted privately. However, all these corporate platforms like Google, facebook and twitter were set up, from their inception, to pull people off the REAL internet and into the corporate/globalist controlled “domain”, where they can legally dictate what can and can’t be said. I saw it for what it was right from the beginning too.

Theoretically, there’s nothing wrong with what they’re doing — and ordinarily: each to their own, I’d say. HOWEVER, the same people behind pulling the masses onto these networks/platforms are the same people that are destabilising countries, rigging elections, running the HIJACKED mainstream media, injecting hate and race baiting into the populace and all sorts of other social engineering tactics and subversion’s; all for the purposes of creating a world order where they can run a socialist world as supreme dictators.

Side Note: They want to be the King of kings. Problem is, that seat is already taken. Sorry about your luck, globalists. It doesn’t matter how many heart transplants you get, you’re going to return to dust before long and you will inevitably kneel before the true King of kings, where you’ll be begging for forgiveness.

Technically, the globalists are only doing what we’re allowing them to do and giving them the POWER to do — and we’re freely handing that power to them (out of ignorance and apathy), so they claim they’ve got every right. They believe that because we don’t really care to try to dominate everything and control everyone (ie: most of us just wasnt to peacefully live our lives and stay out of the affairs of the lives of others), they can take the initiative – and then, because they ASSUMED power, that makes them king of the castle. They are truly twisted people.

The people that run this world have the opinion: “We are in (or TOOK, rather) the position to do what we like, so that gives us the right ‘TO DO’ what we like”. This is how the psychopathic mind works. They refer to the average person as “cattle”, “useless eaters” and “rabble”.

Our ‘rulers’ possess a “you allow us to rule you so however we rule is right” mentality. They even TELL US what they’re doing in a cryptic and twisted way, but few people can read between the lines, because the average person only cares about what’s in their own little bubble; so these globalists get away with murder — literally. BUT, they make their plans in secret. Therefore, the world MUST create a platform that will rival the entire machine that these madmen have put together.

PromoterHost Offers a Solution

PromoterHost has proposed the construction of a new social media platform to rival the machine that the globalists have built to imprison out thoughts, minds, ideas and free speech. We’re seeking the support of the free world to make it happen:

TriOrbit Network

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