Is 5G a Directed Energy Weapons System? | David Icke

There’s a lot of speculation about 5G and what it is actually intended to be used for. We know that it will provide the technology and bandwidth to run the Internet of things, information on the cloud and many applications that require faster communication. However, is all as it seems with 5G?

David Icke talks about 5G and insists that the technology is a directed energy weapon. He goes through a few articles, quoting various people on the nefarious uses of 5G. Icke says that 5G is not just a better 3G or 4G; it’s actually a fundamentally different system.

David Icke says 5G has been developed not just to make the AI smart grid function. 5G systems can do everything current global weapons can do and they can instantly kill. With 5G, governments can take over every city, every region and every town. He says that mainstream media would be all over it of they were real journalists, but they’re not because they’re incredibly uniformed. He says we’re the victims of complex social engineering and 5G will be used for mass surveillance, enslavement, depopulation are coming into view because it’s all being orchestrated.


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