Judge Jeanine: Donald Trump will be the Biggest Change Agent in the History of the United States

Judge Jeanine strikes again. Lefties and liberals, watch this video and hang your heads in shame. You believed the globalists, lying, fake news MSM; you chose the wrong side. You were DUPED. You were fooled; and if you’re still bashing Trump, there’s little hope left for you, because you’re STILL being taken for a fool and you can’t/don’t/won’t recognise it.

Judge Jeanine is an absolutely wonderful woman; a breath of fresh air. I have never watched a video of her that didn’t leave me feeling excited that there are still some very smart (yet righteous) people in this world. A smart righteous person with courage is the very definition of a hero — and Judge Jeanine really is a hero, as far as I am concerned. I love her!

The MSM tried to make it look like Donald Trump didn’t pull a crowd. Judge Jeanine sets them straight. Also, showing Donald Trump’s press secretary declaring that they’re going to hold the MSM accountable.

Judge Jeanine’s Fan Comments

Well said judge! All of America should be helping President Trump right now. The protests going on are sickening! – Lisa Lovegren

Judge Jeanine you are awesome I loved your speech straightforward and truthful thank you so much! – Sharon Staggs

Ban CNN from the white house President Trump. Please! – Clinger Butnotonmash

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Article written by: Leonard Wass