Kait Parker Meltdown over Breitbart Article

Kait Parker

Kait Parker, “a pretty weather girl” for The Weather Channel, might be considered as a fake scientist by some — as she makes a whiny video insisting that global warming is real.

In her video rant, which has gone viral on YouTube and is the fourth highest trending video as I am am publishing this article, Kait Parker complains about Breitbart’s assertion that global warming is a hoax and is not real, and that temperatures are actually falling.

Kait Parker rants and raves for almost two minutes and finishes her diatribe with a fake, sarcastic, passive aggressive smile, babbling about how Breitbart should “consult a scientist” before publishing articles.

So next time you’re thinking about publishing a cherry picked article, try consulting a scientist first.

The YouTube video was posted with this message from The Weather Channel:

Note to Breitbart: Earth is not cooling, climate change Is real and please stop using our video to mislead Americans.

Kait Parker’s arm flailing Meltdown

Kait Parker ends her passive aggressive tirade by saying: “So next time you’re thinking about publishing a cherry picked article, try consulting a scientist first”.

Breitbart has Responded to the Weather Girl

Breitbart points out that The Weather Channel’s use of “argumentum ad puellam pulchram” rebuttal technique:

Wow! Breitbart’s climate science has come under attack from a devastating new rhetorical technique: the argumentum ad puellam pulchram. (aka the Argument from a Pretty Girl)

Britbart continues by informing The Weather Channel that none of Breitbart’s editors made the choice to use the video that Kait Parker the weather girl complained about.

Here’s our Editor-in-chief Alexander Marlow, putting that detail right: “This is not a Breitbart video. It’s provided by and placed by a third party video vendor. The Weather Channel should chill out.” More precisely, none of Breitbart’s editors made the choice or performed the action of sticking the Weather Channel’s video on the article.

And yes, indeed, the Weather Channel should chill. And, better still, stick to its day job and actually report on the weather rather than engaging in agenda-driven politics. This is an argument the Weather Channel is not going to win, and whoever put poor Kait Parker up to this ridiculous, embarrassing stunt should be ashamed of themselves. It is going to backfire horribly, as I’m about to demonstrate.

Breitbard continues with paragraphs of scientific facts. You can read the rebuttal to learn more.

So, is the Globe Cooling or Warming?

Consider this educational video:

Real News: [wce_code id=2]

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