Liberal Riots: PromoterHost Explains

This blog post was written for the consumption of conservatives. Liberals, proceed with caution.

So, basically, George Soros is bussing liberal millennials into the streets to scream profanities, burn the American flag, loot businesses and scream declarations of threats and abuse — and just generally wreak havoc – so that the globalist controlled mainstream media can “feign”, project and feed panic, shock and feelings of imminent dread to its viewers because Donald Trump was elected by the American people – in spite of the global establishment throwing everything it had at the elections to try to get their puppet Hillary Clinton in power — to preserve the stranglehold they have on freedom and individual prosperity.

Disclaimer (mainly for the benefit of liberal millennials): These images are not real. They have been photoshopped to illustrate a point. Please do not burn anything or threaten anyone’s life if these pictures make you upset. If you’re feeling enraged, angered or possessed – please consider spending some time in your safe space. There’s sure to be a group there that can cry with you and scream obscenities ending with the name “Trump”. – PromoterHost Management.

Please note (again, this is mainly for liberal millennials): this post may cause offence to some people; ie: There are depictions of the US economy improving, along with prospects of increased employment — otherwise known as “work”. Again, if you are feeling sad, or have the urge to cry, please retreat to your safe space as soon as possible. If the feelings persist, you may need to spend a few days watching liberal celebrities and liberal media until they’ve lulled you back into your delusional paradigm. We highly recommend The Young Turks, for your viewing pleasure. You can watch replays of Cenk Uygur screaming obscenities into the camera from election night as he realised Hillary was not going to win the election. You’ll feel right at home there. Everyone else, for REAL news and grass roots political commentary, head over to InfoWars The Alex Jones Channel .

It was all fun and games. The people were hollering for Hillary, just like the TV told them to. Everyone was very happy. Well, according to the media, anyway. But then, even though the mainstream media tried to project a DEFINITE Hillary win to the populace – the propaganda didn’t work — because anyone with half a brain stopped watching the dinosaur, MSM quite a while ago. The only people who watch it now are impressionable, psychologically stunted liberal millennials that (due to arrested development) never developed the ability to think critically due to their globalist funded, designed and controlled education and state-funded/controlled upbringing.

Furtunately, even though the millennials, the illegal aliens that Obama asked to vote (yes, Obama literally insisted illegal aliens vote and stated that if they vote, that makes them a citizen) — and the dead people that also get to vote every year, all voted for Hillary, the establishment was literally ROCKED by a “PRIMAL SCREAM” by the American people, who gave Trump a LANDSLIDE VICTORY, even in spite of the voting fraud, rigged Soros voting machines and voting poll staff literally tearing up Trump votes. They’re probably the same people who were running around stealing Trump signs from front lawns; another epidemic that’s flooded the Internet with videos. It would be hilarious if it weren’t also so sad.

So, after watching Hillary ‘the globalist puppet’ Clinton get literally annihilated in the elections, leaving the mainstream media red faced and exposed for the lying shills, pawns puppets they are, George Soros went into damage control mode. He bussed his liberal millennials in to give the MSM enough footage, soundbites and snippets to feign a “revolution” — as if to say that there was actually a large percentage of the population that didn’t want Trump in; when in actuality it’s just a brainwashed portion of the population (less than 10%; maybe even 5%).

Basically, the powers that be have almost no support from the American people. The only appearance of any kind of support stems from the (globalist owned, dominated and controlled, albeit dying) TV and online liberal media — which costs the globalists an absolute fortune to PROP UP, because they’re literally PAYING the shills that are spreading their propaganda (who wouldn’t do it if it wasn’t for the money), just like they’re paying the liberal millennial rent-a-crowds to run around screaming obscenities about Trump to try to disseminate and propagate some kind of illusion that Trump is unpopular; problem is: HE ISN’T. The American people love Trump! For the most part, Trump is very well respected — not just by Americans, but countries (and the leaders of countries) all around the world. PromoterHost will be writing many more blog posts about that situation.

The anti-Trump sentiment is exclusively from the establishment and anyone who’s still zonked out/brainwashed enough to actually believe what they sea and hear on the TV and from the sold-out liberal media.

Liberal Riots

Times Square, before the election. All fun and games — Hillary is SURE to win!


But then Trump won — and he won by a landslide!


So! Soros busses arrive, full of liberal millennials.


Liberal millenials burn the American flag.


Soros waits patiently for his race baiting to cause a civil catastrophe.


That’s up until now..

But what if Trump creates some “jobs”?


The “work” billboard advertisement will scare all the millennials away from Times square:


The Soros Busses will be gone:


..because the millennials will be back at their safe space, crying and fretting about the possibility of losing their EBT cards.


Enough said.

In Other News

Stores were looted in protest of the Trump victory. Not one pair of work boots were stolen.

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