Mackenzie Davis Terminator Hybrid in Terminator 6

I think this video is pretty much spot on, that Mackenzie Davis will play a Terminator hybrid. I’m not sure what I think about that yet. I guess she would be some kind of cyborg then, if she is part woman, part machine.

I am really looking forward to Terminator 6. “The Terminator” (the original) is my favourite all time movie. T2 was great as well. I am completely uninterested three, four and five. They went right off the rails of what “The Terminator” was about. They completely lost the “plot” — both literally and figuratively.

The Terminator, originally, was a very simple recipe: It was a “thriller” (not a horror movie), which depicted humans being chased from point to point by a machine that wanted them dead. The story-line was made exciting by the time travel and technological advancements that stirred our imaginations. It’s that simple. T3,4 and 5 went away from that original recipe.

Also, Arnold made the Terminator. Any move that does not have him as the main star is not a Terminator movie. Plain and simple. I am 100% in favour of the naturally ageing flesh on a Terminator skeleton. Works for me. So Arnold can play the Terminator when he’s 93 as far as I am concerned — and it will still work.

Terminator 4 was all about trans-humanism. Nothing at all to do with Terminator WHATSOEVER! It don’t even feature Arnold except for a little but of bad CGI. It made me want to puke.

If you look up what a lot of (so called) Terminator fans want out of the franchise online, they say it needs to be Rater R. No it doesn’t. Again, The Terminator isn’t supposed to be a blood splattering, horror movie full of gore. That was never the point of the original idea.

See, the are a lot of kids chiming in that were never around for The Terminator and Terminator 2. So, they’ve shown up later, demanding that it be made into the kind of dark, evil movie that they’ve gotten used to in their depraved generation; completely lacking in imagination and wit. For that reason, I say just cut them out and write them off. They don’t get an opinion. They’re demented. They don’t understand.

I can see how a hybrid could very easily fit into the original plot, idea narrative. Such a character could easily have been inserted into the original two instalments. I just hope they don’t go overboard with changing the recipe.



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