Magnetic Window Cleaner

This amazing magnetic cleaner allows you to glide across the outside of windows with ease.

This magnetic window cleaner is one of the hottest products to make the rounds on Internet. No doubt you’ve seen this product in a gif on facebook, but have you ever wondered where you can buy one?

  • Excellent Window Cleaning Quality, With Double Action Of Cleaning And Drying In One Go.
  • Only Window Cleaner With 4 Squeegees, Two On Each Side
  • Powerful Light Weight Rare-Earth Magnets
  • Cleans windows of thickness from 20 mm to 28 mm
  • Special Microfiber Cloth For Scrubbing Heavy Dirt

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Magnetic Window Cleaner Photos

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Magnetic Window Cleaner Comments

The things they come up with! I’ve got to get myself one of these. – Martha83

I don’t know how you can wet the outside window, but it looks like a pretty good idea. – Jonny Jon

I’ve been looking for something like this for ages! – Iradical100

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