How to Make Money Trading on the Stock Market – Like Warren Buffet

If you want to make money trading on the stock market, like Warren Buffet, you need to educate yourself first.

There is a misconception in trading that you can simply learn and make money. Trading is performance activity like poker, chess or golf. It’s a skill that you have to develop. You can just read a book and start making money the next day. There is a progression and a lot of steps you have to go through in order to become good at making money trading on the stock market. You have to fight every day to get a little bit better.

Warren Buffet didn’t make his money by guessing. He is always very well educated and informed about the companies that he trades in. As a matter of fact, Warren Buffet pretty much ignores what the stock market is saying about a company and looks at the legitimacy and potential of the company. To be a successful trader, you have to think outside the box and don’t get too hung up on figures, numbers and hype.

There is a lot of psychology to be aware of before you can successfully make money trading on the stock market. A lot of the forces driving the market are psychological, so if you can tune into the psychological aspects of trading on the stock market, you can develop a sense for what the market will do from day to day – or from year to year. However, this takes practice and experience.

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Make Money Trading on the Stock Market Comments

I traded Only once. I dropped down 10k for one day and then I pulled out the next day and made a profit of $3600. It was easy money but very very risky, I’m never doing it again lol – WupeViasco

I totally agree with this video. Trading is not a game which is easy to do. Trading is hard work. You have to get better everyday and that isn’t easy to do. – Ryan Dharmawan

Well said. Most newbies discount or ignore the mental aspect of trading. For that reason alone they will fail. – musicman102357

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