How to Make Perfect Hardboiled Eggs

Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs every time in the most simple and easy way possible! Follow these easy steps, and your eggs should be cooked to perfection, and they should peel with ease! Keep in mind times may slightly vary depending on the amount of eggs you are cooking, the power of your stove, the amount of water you are using, and the size of the pot!

Fill pot with water so it will cover approximately 1″ inch above the eggs
Place pot on stove and allow water to come to a rapid boil
Once boiling, add the eggs one by one SLOWLY so they do not break
Once all eggs are added, lower stove to a medium-high heat
Allow eggs to boil for approximately 13 minutes
After 13 minutes turn off the stove
Drain the hot water from the pot and replace with cold water
Add ice cubes to the pot with the eggs and cold water to SHOCK the eggs
Shocking the eggs will ensure the peel comes off MUCH easier
After the ice melts, feel free to peel!

Source:  Matty Fusaro

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