Man Keeps 14 Year Old Hamburger

Can you even class this 14 year old hamburger as real food?

You might wonder why this man had a hamburger in his pocket for 14 years. However, to cut a long story short, he did; and there’s no fungus, mould or smell after 14 years. Can this mummified hamburger even be classed as food? Fast food is meant to be consumed quickly and conveniently, which is why a St. George, Utah man€™s perfectly-preserved 14 year-old hamburger gets a lot of attention.

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14 Year Old Hamburger Comments

I would so dare my friends to eat it. – Umm Hoi o.o

The burger people eat is so nasty not even mold and bacteria want it. – SinnerYT

Hamburger is older than most of the people who use YouTube, how sad. – Musicrecords10

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