Mark Dice: One Million Subscribers in Three Weeks!

Mark Dice

I’m just doing my bit here to help Mark Dice attract one million subscribers in three weeks.

Why would I want Mark Dice to have three million subscribers in three weeks? Because I have been subscribed to him for a very long time; so long I can’t even remember when, but many years. I love his videos, puns, jokes and ingenious ways he goes about exposing not only the New World Order, but also the result it is having on the “brain dead zombie” populace.

Addendum (a little update): I just went to promote this article a little bit, linking to blogs, replying to some stuff on facebook, etc. I can see already, are only 44 minutes of Mark uploading this video, that thousands of people are already being proactive, in support of Mark Dice. See, this is the power of the PEOPLE, people! I am so glad to see it. Basically, the lies of the globalist, mainstream media propaganda have actually backfired and created a revolution of truth; a backlash against an infestation of LIES. I am so excited to see it. Well done everyone promoting Mark’s video – you’re ALL HEROES! May God bless you for your love of truth and freedom. Ok, back to the article…

I can’t recommend Mark Dice highly enough. If you’re looking for truth in this world, if you actually care about what’s right and what’s wrong, if you’re not interested in political correctness or the absurdities of “liberal lunatic” rhetoric – propagated by the globalists run mainstream media, then Mark Dice is definitely a channel you want to subscribe to.

Mark Dice is exactly right in this video. The Mainstream media is dying. It has become so discredited because of it’s bias, lying, “fake news” propaganda, that people just don’t believe the lies anymore. So the globalists are trying to discredit REAL — *GENUINE* — NEWS (ie: alternative news that is not “state/globalists/establishment sponsored”), by calling it “fake”. Their desperation is blatantly transparent. They’re trying to blame Russians for everything, including Hillary Clinton losing; liberal globalist run media is still crying about that.

More and more people are turning to alternative media. More and more people are waking up. If you’re tired of the propaganda and lies, then I highly recommend Mark Dice as a great source of information to subscribe to.

Mark Dice Fan Comments

I love you Mark! Keep up the great work! – Esra Erimez

Mark, this is because you have a good channel. Not only do you try and bait the liberals and democrats who are idiots, you have common sense and good views on different subjects. Rock on, man, you got a good thing going. This is why I’m subscribed. – Bruce Harvey

I remember you from the first time I ever used YouTube. so funny. great show. cheers – wallys wheels

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