Ministry Offerings – PromoterHost’s Financial Statement for God’s Glory

Ministry Offerings

PromoterHost does not accept donations; nor does it advertise on the God’s Glory facebook page or the God’s Glory website category. I do not and will not monetise the promotion of God’s kingdom or the spreading of His gospel. It is an effort, page and section where if I am to receive any reward, it will be in His kingdom. I have good reasons for this; reasons of principle. Continue reading for a deeper explanation.

The reason for my attitude about donations, tithing and offerings is that I see too many pastors, churches, preachers and ministers talking too much about money. I am of the wholehearted opinion that God doesn’t need our money. God is capable of spreading His gospel, His love and His WORD without one Christian ever mentioning anything about money, ever. We need money for every day life yes. Life is hard without money. However, spreading the gospel literally does not cost anything. We’ve been given freely so we should give freely. And by “give”, I am referring to Christ’s love and His promise to us; I am not talking of money.

We live in a world that revolves around money. I’ll grant you that. Things are certainly a lot easier when you have money, I’ll grant you that also. However, Jesus did not tell us to go and build riches on this earth so that we can use the wealth as a tool to draw people into His kingdom. I see too many pastors and preachers trying to turn their ministry into one big excuse to try and make more money. They want bigger congregations and they never miss the opportunity to tell you to go get more people and sow seeds of financial wealth into the church. This is really off putting to someone (like me) who just wants to worship the Lord, sing and give praise with brothers and sisters.

Yes, I am referring to the prosperity gospel – in case I have to spell it out; I am at complete and utter enmity with it. I can’t stand it. I see perfectly good pastors and perfectly good churches, who I actually otherwise really love and have a lot of respect for getting all tangled up in the love of money. I see whole ministries being set up as one big excuse for financial gain — and the pastors convince themselves that it’s all for God so it’s all good. They are fooling themselves and being deceived by mammon. I’m ready to stand in front of any pastor and say: “I’m sorry. It’s not about the money. God doesn’t need your money or your ability to make money. Nor do I want to hear about money every day. I am here to worship, thank and praise God”. Christ’s message has survived and prospered for millennia. Money had nothing to do with that. As a matter of fact, if ANYTHING slowed God’s message down, it was “money”.

Now, as for offerings: I am not against an offering being made at church; or people generally chipping in/helping out. As previously mentioned, I acknowledge that we live in a world that revolves around money. We all need money. God knows we need money. The average church has some financial responsibilities, such as paying for communion wine and bread, electricity (for musical instruments, air conditioning/heating, etc) or rental of venues, rooms, etc.. and it is only common sense that the congregation chip in to make all of this possible.

What I am against, however, is constant babbling about money and riches and wealth and financial blessings and miracle money and all this kind of nonsense. I am against the idea that if we pay money to the church, God will bless us with more money. I am against the idea that if you pay more money you can come to the front and get bigger blessings. This is complete and utter heresy as far as I am concerned and when I see it heart sinks into my stomach. That’s the point I just want to walk out the door.

So, I am setting out to prove, via my website at PromoterHost, that money is not required to draw people into His kingdom. I believe the Holy Spirit can work in our hearts and give us all the tools we need to advance His kingdom. I believe that multitudes of people can and will be saved through this effort on the PromoterHost website and facebook page.

Let me say one more thing (so there can be no misunderstanding): I have prayed many times for the Lord to help me financially. There have been times in my life where I just couldn’t make ends meet and I simply asked the Lord to help me — and He DID! I might ask the Lord to help me again, financially, in future. However, that’s between God and myself. That’s all pertaining to my personal life, in a world where you’re nobody if you have no money. However, what I will never do is ask the Lord to give me heaps of money so I can use it to build a kingdom for Him on this earth. What I ask for, even now as I am typing is for the Lord to bless me with the power of HIS spirit and HIS grace, to give me wisdom and revelation, to direct my paths according to His will for HIS GLORY and HIS KINGDOM. I know that if that prayer is answered – then money or no money, souls will be saved. I also know that God is a rewarder of those who serve Him diligently, without groaning about money or running after money. His power will work through me (and this website) and the gospel will continue to be spread, from heart to heart, just as it has been for millennia; not wallet to wallet or bank account to bank account. PromoterHost will be a testimony of what God can do when money is completely removed from the picture. Besides, it’s 2017 — we have the Internet. MILLIONS can be reached with one viral video, and I have faith that the Lord can bless this website for His glory.

Having said all that. My definition of a rich person is: “Someone who has more than enough”. I am not after riches. I don’t want to be broke, sure. I’d like to own a house and have a car to drive and have food on my table. I’d like to be able to provide for my loves ones and help those who are in need. However, nobody needs more than that. Serving God does not warrant an extravagant lifestyle. Some argue that if you’re rich you can use that wealth to draw people into God’s kingdom. However, I say that if you really love your brother, you will not buy a second house and leave him to suffer, you will use your blessings, love, heart and relationship with God to pull your brother UP to where you are, both financially and spiritually. If you live like this and run out of money, I can ASSURE YOU, God truly is able to provide. I know that from experience. Some preachers say: “You’re never too poor to give (to them)”; I say: “You WOLF!”

My advice is: Fill your heart with God’s plan, wisdom, Spirit and kingdom — and you’ll want for nothing. If your wallet is your first priority, you will never be filled — and even if you become rich, you’ll never be rich enough; but you’ll only get further from God; EVEN if you’ve fooled yourself that it was all for Him (which it never really was). Turn on late night TV, you will see some very rich people, with huge followings, declaring riches to people if they “sow seeds”; but be wary of following such people.

Seek Jesus. He is the way the truth and the life. Nobody will go to the Father, except through Him.

So, How can you DONATE if you really want to Give?

Let me tell you how to get TRUE blessings. First of all, if you attend a church, go ahead and chip in what the Lord puts on your heart, according to the needs of the church. I’m not telling you not to. Aside from that, if you are a born again Christian, you should be WALKING in love, daily. You should be aware of and in tune with the difficulties others around you are facing. Jesus told us to spread the gospel, so if you have any extra time or money, you’ll be pleasing the Lord just fine if you spend your time, effort and money helping those who are lost. Every town has a beggar on the street. Often, it is not their wallet that’s the problem — they’re just broken and they need Christ. Buy them a meal and tell them about Christ. Show them love. Your money is better spent like this, rather than buying a $1000 _insert product here_ from a “ministry” so you can get _insert blessing/miracle here_.

It’s not hard to find lost people; people that don’t know the Lord. If it’s not a beggar on the street, it could be a lonely person in a coffee shop. Don’t be afraid to talk to people and find out if they know the Lord. It could be a work colleague that’s struggling with life. The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Buy someone a Bible. If you know a family where their kids are going without, because the parents (or even a single parent) is struggling to make ends meet, intervene. If they don’t know Christ, don’t judge them. They are the ones that ESPECIALLY need your help/love. There’s no point trying to save the saved. It is your kindness and patience that could very well lead them to Christ; AND YOUR GENEROSITY! However, it is best that you do not let someone know how much the help you’re providing is costing — and if you can help people privately and even anonymously, the Lord will be very pleased with you. Do not blow your trumpet when you help people. God will not be pleased with that at all.

LIVE Christs love. If every church member lived a life like this, and “donated” in this way, then HIS KINGDOM will have truly come. Jesus asked us to pray for His kingdom to come. What does that mean? It means in out hearts, NOW. We can experience God’s kingdom NOW, by accepting Christ into our hearts, and being a vessel and temple for HIS spirit; walking in His love and wisdom. God’s kingdom is not a natural kingdom, it is a spiritual kingdom. We can experience and be a part of this kingdom right now on this earth.

I will not accept any donations for this effort online. I do not claim to be a pastor or even a preacher. I am just an evangelist and a servant of God. I am a man who loves God with my heart and the only thing that will please me for a reward is to see more people coming into the love of Christ and leaving their old selves behind. The more people I see being born again, the happier I will be, because it’s all for His glory and His kingdom.

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