New Social Media Platform: “TriOrbit”

Move over Google, facebook and twitter. Truth and freedom are taking over.

There’s nothing as powerful as an idea who’s time has come. Victor Hugo.


Google is creating algorithms that dictate the information that can be searched. Twitter is shadow banning tweets and banning accounts. facebook is also censoring posts, information and ideas. Here’s a plain and simple fact that you can take to the bank: They’re not going to stop. They’re going to get even worse. If we do not do something, and do something very quickly, the Internet as we know it is going to be lost. I have an idea that can circumvent all this control.

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The Facts

As a web developer (creator of PromoterHost) and online marketer for 20 years, I can see clearly that it’s going to be very difficult, if not impossible, to create “alternatives” for Google, facebook, twitter – and many other platforms; ESPECIALLY “Google”, which is now much more than a mere search engine. I genuinely believe Google can be compared to Terminator’s “Skynet”.

There are already some great social media alternatives; ie: gab.GAB | Free Speech for Everyone (mentioned in the above video) seems promising, but they’ll never catch up to the stronghold these mainstream, globalist owned and sponsored, collaborating platforms have. The reason is: the majority of people will not register for anything NEW that is similar to something they already have. They just won’t. Competing with these established platforms is futile. Believe me. However, by using these platforms exclusively, we’re literally handing over and surrendering our free speech and the future of truth and freedom, forever.

What is the Solution?

The solution is actually pretty simple. Instead of competing, we need a whole new invention – a whole new network – a whole new system that can’t be compromised. We need something that people will register for and use daily, alongside Google, facebook, twitter and other popular tools and platforms. Once membership reaches a certain level, it wont matter what Google, facebook, twitter and other platforms are censoring, because the free world will always have “the network” of free speech and the freedom of information.

I wholeheartedly believe we can build up a whole new platform (called “the network”) inside 12 months. It’s going to need some funding, but I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever that we can build a platform for free people, all over the world to utilise; a platform that will never be compromised.

The Idea (for a start):

I propose to build a network that contains the following functions:

– A Messenger
    For real time, PC to PC communication.
– A blog page
    Kind of like facebook; basically a glorified “wall”.
– A micro blog
    Kind of like twitter; a place to post titbits of information with hashtags.
– A photo gallery
    A place to upload photos on the fly.
– A REAL news dissemination outlet
    Because Google is currently trying to figure out how to censor “fake news” (in other words, news that they don’t control). ie: Like PromoterHost’s Real News page.
– A Search engine
    It won’t be a Google, spidering the entire internet. The search engine will provide search functionality to the network. However, the search box will appear at the top of the messenger, which will appear at the bottom right of the computer screen – and will serve as the main interface and portal to the network.
    The biggest ingredient/feature will be the complete enmity and disdain of “censorship”! The network will never censor any idea, for any reason.

I have a domain name that I would like to use:

So, the platform will be called : “The TriOrbit Network”.

The name “TriOrbit” signifies being able to view or monitor a situation or problem from three angles. I’ve always been a big believer in the philosophy that to understanding something, you need to look at it from another angle; preferably a third angle for even greater understanding. The name “TriOrbit” has always struck a cord with me. I have always loved that domain.

TriOrbit is currently running as a domain name registration business. I have run and owned the business since 2002. It is a nice, short, memorable name, which I can envision being a household name within two years.

I have been thinking about building/instigating this project for a while now; but after seeing the video above, I’ve decided to see if I can’t put it into action. If you would like to show support, all I ask is that you share this post (ironically) on facebook and twitter, with the hashtag #TriOrbit

I am confident that this page will have millions of views within a coupe of weeks.

I also wholeheartedly believe I am the man for this job. I have the passion, the drive and the vision to make this succeed. I am passionate about the preservation of truth and free speech. It is not optional. Humanity MUST move forward with free speech and the ability to “communicate” in tact; if we lose the ability to communicate in truth, it will be game over.

Let’s get this show on the road!

All I need to get started are some shares and tweets. Let’s see if “the time has come” for this idea.

For further updates about this project, please bookmark this page.

Please leave a comment of support below.

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Update: “Project Sunrise” Initiated

Added November, 20th, 2016

I have created a platform online where all those who are interested in “The Network” can register and voice their opinions. This platform is called “Project Sunrise”, and is a predecessor to TriOrbit Network. has become the official portal and gateway to the project.

Pertinent Links

Project Sunrise Forum Posts (information)

TriOrbit Network – Mission Statement

Added February, 18th, 2016

After being asked the following question:

“If it is completely uncensored, what about all the… let’s say “undesirable” stuff that may be posted?”

I have responded with this response; which I am presenting here as the mission Statement of TriOrbit:

There will definitely be an expectancy and strong promotion of moral decorum. People can say what they like, how they like, as long as it does not break established the laws of the average democratic country. There will be a ‘bad word’ filter, which will be set to ON by default. However, users will be able to turn that off at their own discretion. People under 18 will not have that option. I know very well that many people will say that filtering words is still “censorship”.

There will definitely be no room for smut, nudity, hate, etc etc.. kind of like how TV has beeped things out and censored things over the years, which has worked quite well. No free person ever complained about the ‘tidying up’ of various presentations for the sake of decency. We have to remember, kids can and will gain access to the network. We need to encourage a spirit of integrity, uprightness and decency. I know those things are relative and subjective, from person to person – but we will do our best 🙂

There’s a fine line between censoring untactful behaviour/attitudes and censoring free speech, ideas and opinions. I would work hard not to blur that line. There would be no ‘lukewarm’ approach. I am a strong believer in “I don’t agree with what you’re saying, but I respect your right to say it” .. “but please use your manners”.

You can’t fix stupid, and you can’t ban/censor ignorant people from life, or from having a say. We must live life and conduct ourselves with patience. Everyone is on a different psychological and spiritual level, but most people DO want to improve; they’re just doing their best with what they have and what they know at any given time — with the total sum of who they are; which in many cases means ‘who they have been programmed to become’. Most people can look back 10 years, slap their own forehead, and say: “I was such an idiot”. It is often the patience, perseverance, nurturing and LOVE of others that helped them to move forward. Without that support, they could have been sucked into endless torment. Love, patience and TRUTH are great tools for deprogramming; and if the world ever needed to be deprogrammed, it’s TODAY.

I can also envision some kind of “integrity” system, where people can click like on a profile. The more likes you get, the nicer title or status you get within the community. However, that has dangers too. Nefarious people will definitely join up, acting all nice, create a good reputation and then do a 180. I can see that coming from a mile away. It’s that behaviour that has made this world what it is today, and given the powers that run it – the reins.

I can also envision bot and DDos attacks. Where there’s some freedom (and the prosperity that comes from freedom), there will always be a troll or a naysayer, on the outskirts, rubbing their hands together, trying to figure out how to subvert everything for their own gain; or how to create a PROBLEM so that they can cause REACTION, so they can provider the SOLUTION. The solution on TriOrbit network will be to deny these entities the ability to have their way.

It will be a challenging project, but I believe with the right spirit behind the whole thing, it can and will succeed. It’s not possible to simply assume a utopia and allow everyone to just do as they please because the plain facts are: We live in a world riddled with evil (and people full of ill-intent), and there always has to be SOME kind of administration/power structure to keep the worst of them away from the weakest. That’s why the world has courts, police and laws. The trick will be to stick to simple principles and not have any bureaucracy or bend to the sway of political correctness within the network.

There won’t be many rules. Just a few principles. Rules can be broken, principles can’t. Rules can be misunderstood; principles and ideas cannot be stamped out. The SPIRIT of an idea or movement cannot be dictated by rules. We found that out around 2000 years ago.

Freedom is not free. It must be respected, honoured, maintained and protected. A lot of people have given their lives in this world so that others can live freely. We must respect and remember them also; especially the King of all kings, who lives on today, after giving his life as a ransom for the freedom of us all.

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