No More Cheesy Slideshows #NoMoreCheesySlideShows


This Open Letter to YouTube was written to generate an awareness and consensus that computer voice videos containing nothing but pictures downloaded from Google images are becoming the scourge of YouTube. Something needs to be done about them.

Dear YouTube,

Please put an algorithm in place that identifies computer voice videos, as well as “slideshow” presentation videos. The situation is getting out of control.

The proposed algorithm will heavily penalise all such videos — banishing them to the bottom of search results (where they belong), so that they only show up on top if there’s literally nothing else to be listed.

If we look up the health benefits of apples, or the latest news about our favourite celebrity, we expect to see a video made by a person, not plagiarised images narrated by a cheesy computer voice, slapped into a slideshow presentation.

YouTube compiles transcripts for all videos, so there’s no doubt that the technology to rid the Internet of this digital pestilence is readily available.

Could you at the very least add these settings to our accounts?

  • Penalise computer voice videos.
  • Penalise slide presentation videos.

Screen recordings, webinars and other dynamic presentations are ok — as they are often quite useful; and they do usually contain a human voice behind the demonstration.

However, please: #NoMoreCheesySlideshows

Yours sincerely,

Pretty much the whole internet.

P.S. Also, can you please adjust the “Trending” page algorithm so that it displays what’s ACTUALLY trending, as opposed to using it to inject false (often politically based) narratives into society, concocted by…well, who knows? only you know.. but we don’t appreciate being treated like mindless zombies that will simply adopt what ever we’re fed by the social engineers. We have BuzzFeed for that.

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