North Dakota Pipeline – What’s Going On?

North Dakota Pipeline

What’s going on with the North Dakota Pipeline? This video below by the YouTube Channel: “Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know” provides some insight into what’s happening.

You may have heard a bit about the North Dakota Access Pipeline in the news — but probably not much. What’s happening at the site of one the largest Native American protests in recent history, and why isn’t it more widely reported in the US?

North Dakota Pipeline – Comments

Ohio”s governor Kasich, sent 32 of our state trooper pigs to ND to abuse and pepper spray unarmed Native Americans. WTF? – fred fox

We need to stand up for our water and keep companies from running America. Are we no longer the land of the free and home of the brave? Or are we the morons who sell our futures for a buck or two today? – Tom Lloyd

This whole thing is just more solid proof that our government is a joke and that we are ruled by corporations. If the federal government can’t seem to get a stupid corporation to stop doing illegal stuff then that just tells me there is really no point in having a government. This whole entire situation is absolutely disgusting… how a pipe line (that this country is not going to benefit from in anyway shape or form because the oil is getting sent over seas) has private security and security posing as police (multiple vids showing what appears to be officers with no name tags or badge numbers anywhere in sight) brutalizing and disrespecting the Natives. Our authorities do nothing, our government does nothing, and president whats his face dodges the questions people ask regarding the pipe line and continues to do nothing. Its quite obvious that the all the taxes we pay for these supposed “leaders” to “protect” us and “represent” us are a joke and they are 100% in it for profit and nothing more. Sad times but also a time to re educate ourselves on the facts about our country that has been lost over the years. Good video guys. – Akkuma H

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Article written by: Leonard Wass