How not to be Angry: There’s an Evil Message Spreading on YouTube

An evil Message: “How not to be Angry” is spreading on YouTube, Trending #4 right now, trying to DESTROY the hope of millions!

It seems like a well meaning video giving people some wonderful advice on how to be happy. But nothing could be further from the truth! This video is a complete and utter abomination. The thing that concerns me is that at the time I am writing this article, it has 114,124 views, 5,504 thumbs up and 515 thumbs down. ie: MOST people (more than 9 out of 10) who watch it cannot recognise the evil that it is spewing, and LIKE the message!

This video contains a message that says: “If you have hope in life, it will make you angry, so don’t bother having hope. Just expect that the world sucks and you won’t be disappointed!” What kind of message is that to walk around with? It is a message of complete and utter evil, from the pits of hell, that’s what it is!

Seeing things like this makes me sincerely worried about the future of humanity. What on earth have the globalists done the the minds of people that they can’t recognise such blatant nonsense as BLATANT NONSENSE! I literally have to stop typing before this article turns into a massive rant about fluoride, vaccines and social engineering. *deep breaths*.

wow. That’s all I have left to say. wow.

Please share this posts so that people might wake up.

How not to be Angry Comments

Thankfully there are SOME people that can see through the evil.

So, secret to not being angry is lose all hope. Done. – Prze Zając

So give up all hope, got it. – Incredible Canemian

..but there are SO many people who completely lack discernment. ie:

Hello, I quite enjoy your philosophy of life videos, do you recommend any philosophy books on life for someone who is new to philosophy? – unathorizdwatermelon

Happiness is having low expectation. – Adora Tsang

This is a very beautiful page. Thank you for the content. – Emre Durak

Hey, I have an answer for you unathorizdwatermelon. It’s called: THE BIBLE!

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