How to Not Get your PayPal Account Frozen

This is an absolutely fantastic video, discussing how to not get your PayPal account frozen.

I’ve heard it myself, many times over the years: “My PayPal account was Frozen!”. It’s actually very common. However, more often than not PayPal has a good reason for freezing accounts and they are acting within guidelines of the law. PayPal is bound by law to make sure its customers are not using its service to break or circumvent law. If PayPal finds that there might be some kind of discrepancy or funny business, they are legally bound to investigate and do something about it. If PayPal believes that one of its customers are using their service to break the law, they’re not going to just let it go and contact the customer asking of they could possibly, some day, maybe (if they feel like it) stop breaking the law. No! PayPal has its own reputation to consider.

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As Nelson Buck outlined in this video, if you’re going to buy and sell as a business and don’t want your PayPal account frozen, then you need to upgrade to a PayPal business account, and the appropriate fees will be charged. It will be the same with any other online payment gateway or service, including Payza. If you’re doing business in the real world, then you really ought to open a business account with a bank, so your business affairs and transactions can be organised and accounted for properly.

How to Not Get your PayPal Account Frozen Comments

Really good information everyone should listen to this video. – Kerri Foster

Very in depth explanation. Great stuff. Real food for thought. – John Brewer

Wow. I’ve got to ge my account changed to a Business account! I’ve been running on a personal account for ages and accepting payments for EBAY – fuglyrant

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