Olio-Roja Crashes Live-streaming on facebook


20 year old Rhode Island Man, Olio-Roja, recorded himself speeding and weaving through traffic at 116 mph in a Honda Civic, on Wednesday, and crashed. He was pulled from the wreck and on Thursday 1st of December was reported to be in critical condition.

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Onasi Olio-Rojas recorded himself speeding, doing 160 miles per hour (which is 187kph), while he was playing with his camera. He was also showing off to the camera and singing, looking away from the road to fiddle with things in the car; who knows what he was thinking. Police pulled him from the car, critically injured after he hit a garbage truck and a cement barrier.

  • Olio-Roja was in critical condition on Wednesday, 1st December
  • He was upgraded to Good condition on Friday the 3rd.
  • He was driving with a suspended licence
  • He crashed while he was Live-streaming on facebook

Olio-Roja is expected to survive his injuries.

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Article written by: Leonard Wass