An Online Letter to Liberals and Social Justice Warriors

WARNING: This Letter to Liberals definitely going to offend some people; and I don’t care! Continue reading with caution.

I’m not a stupid person. I’m not claiming to be the smartest guy in the world, but I can tell you one thing: I have put in a CONCERTED, DAILY effort since my TEENS, to both “care” and “educate” myself about the world I live in. There are also a LOT of other people like me. They are called: Conservatives, patriots and Christians. However, in this letter, I can only speak for myself (yet I know many will agree with me).

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I have spent TENS OF THOUSANDS OF HOURS of my life, “EDUCATING MYSELF” about the world I live in.

I am not very well formally educated (as if a formal education is actually useful to anyone, anyway — I think it’s an ASSET that I wasn’t brainwashed; and therefore I am above the “programming”), but I will run rings around 95% of university graduates in MANY areas of life; not only because I’m 41, because I would have run rings around them in my 20’s too, but because I have a spirit of TRUTH residing in my heart! Note: The universities are nothing more than brainwashing centres for the globalists.


It is becoming a little bit (sorry, A LOT) exhausting to continue to put up with zombies (sorry, there’s no other word for them) who have done NOTHING but “hang out”, “play games”, “watch TV”, be “brainwashed” by the system, and pretty much never EVER (not once in their lives) SAT DOWN TO CONDUCT EVEN THE SLIGHTEST ENQUIRY, pertaining to whether what they “think” they know (according to what they’ve been TOLD) is actual reality, or whether they’ve been duped.

I’m not apologising for saying this, because it’s ABSOLUTE FACT! I’m declaring it and I am declaring it to the FACE of the world; especially the liberal world, AND ALL LEFT LEANING PEOPLE! You don’t even know WHY you believe what you believe. You simply sucked up what you were told by the globalist sponsored education system, because you were too lazy, self absorbed and conceited to BOTHER wondering where or what the actual TRUTH might be.

All of the above brings me to my point: It is EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL, to have to put up with almost completely lobotomised, BRAIN DEAD, brainwashed, establishment controlled, BORG zombies – trying to convey a political, theosophical, spiritual or even valid OPINION OF ANY TYPE FOR THAT MATTER.

You can’t expect to spend your life watching TV, tapping on phones 24/7, BECOMING THE VERY POSTER CHILD for what the SATANIC globalists have created via social engineering, sucking up the GLOBALIST RUN MSM PROPAGANDA “fake news” — then slide your eyes away from the flicker of the TV, which depicts someone getting raped or having their head blown off literally several times per hour and then try and convince me that you have ANYTHING INTELLIGENT TO CONTRIBUTE TO A CONVERSATION.

It’s not just that you’re emotionally, spiritually, stunted, but because you’re practically demon possessed due to the steady diet of soul destroying, spirit sucking, FILTH emanating from the entertainment industry – WHICH HAS BEEN YOUR MASTER AND TEACHER SINCE YOU WERE BORN, you’re also completely INCAPABLE of a fair and intelligent dialog, with an intention to come to some kind of “truth” or understanding that’s based in reality.

Even if what you had dribbling out of your mouth WAS CORRECT or based in any kind of reality, at all (which it NEVER is), you never argue for the sake of the better good, or for peace to prevail. No! You just want to destroy, annihilate, cave in, burn and THRASH at anything that doesn’t match your painfully inept ideology; because you’re too emotionally vulnerable, weak and unstable to deal with the idea that other people might not agree with what you’ve accepted as fact, without any thought.

You’re finished! You’re gone for all money! You’re not even worth talking to. SO PLEASE SHUT YOUR FACES!

Just go and find something else to do and let the grown ups try to get this world back under control. Go to your safe space, be quiet and stop trying to pretend you have anything worth contributing. Just take your social welfare, and leave the rest of us alone. This world needs some serious fixing and you’re going to have to get out of the way while we do it.

Or, let me put it another way. If you don’t get out of the way, you’re going to get run over. A new revolution has begun, a whole new epoch, and there’s no place for political correctness, crybabies, or emotionally weak, globalist created/dependent zombies.

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What an IDIOT. If he did that to me, he’d have a mouth full of teeth, ’cause I’d clock him so frickin’ hard. – Laura Griffin

Shia., what are you doing? I thought you were cool 🙁 – mynameisalice01

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Article written by: Leonard Wass